Well here we have it! All of wv schools are closed tomorrow. Teachers will strike. Post are being made.. people are mad. They dont have child care tomorrow because was called so late. People thinking it is ignorant that our teachers are doing so.

Well let me tell my side.. as well as Zeqs side!!!

We are #55strong. We will support every one of our teachers. People may disagree with me.. they may want these charter schools. Will we be impacted on both sides. Absolutely.

How we will be affected during strike. Major thing there is no day care, services for Zeq. He is not allowed to enter a day care, for the day. Day cares and service places are not equipped for him. They are not trained in his medicine or his behaviors so therefore a big no. Will we have personalities running around all day. Absolutely. But dont we always. Will I have one excited kid to have a day off absolutely. All of these I will be able to handle.

Now how will we be affected if no strike.. charter schools come to town.. not only taking teachers jobs, public school funding, they also will pretty much hand pick who goes to these schools. Well guess what then elementaries, middle, and high schools will be forced to consolidate. Without funding they will no longer be able to employ the number of teachers, nurses, aides, or counselors needed to provide these children. Well guess who the first kids who wont be hand picked?!?! Zeq!! He will go to the consolidated schools where he will no longer have an aide, be placed in classes with no help what so ever.

These teachers who take the time to help Zeq not just while in school, but check up on him, and genuinely whole heartedly care about him.

So to those who are bashing the strike. Not all of us can afford to loose our teachers. Yes will there be struggles finding care while still being able to go to work. But at the end of the day we are parents who want the best for our kids. What is best for Zeq is to stay in a school that has the correct personnel to handle his every day.

This is only my opinion. Take it or leave it. But I stand with the teachers. I stand for the education of my children. At the end of the day disabled children have a hard time already but by allowing charter schools it will separate them even more than they already are.

So batten down the hatches… because I know for this house the storm is coming in the shape of a 14 year kid. We will face this storm and we will get through it.

As we always do

Onward and upward


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