When elves attack…

Happy Valentine’s day to all.

It’s been a little bit since last posting. Snow days, and headaches have plagued here.

But today being valentines day. Our mischievous elves came for a short visit. They bought a small gift and ofcourse their special project. It was a valentines lego.

Zeq got a yellow heart one. He was pretty excited about it. Which was nice. The elves brought him some beaded necklaces which are one of his favorites.

The past days with school delays, cancellations have been rough on him. We have cycled through every possible personality. Very rapidly. We have had meltdowns over the most random things. His has had some not so great behavior reports from school. He fell today at school and bruised his knee. But you know what?! We survived it all. We didnt do it gracefully to say the least. But we did it.

Our foods have changed once again… what’s new?!?! No more cupcakes at 9:00.. we are now onto mini fudge stripe cookies. Never has asked for hot chocolate again.

We live we learn. We continue on like we always do. That is what we will always do.

At the end of the day our story is put out there no matter how bad or good our days is. No matter how boring our life may seem. One day we will help someone. That’s what this is all about. About teaching someone, helping someone. That’s what I want to do. One day we will.

How have you been? Have you smiled? Have you started writing your own story to tell?

I was thankful today as I always am by just being able to be here, and help with a project. Zeq made me smile over being extremely thoughtful to his sister when her flower broke(cat tried to eat it) he helped he put it in a cup. We wrote our chapter today. As we will tomorrow. As we did the past few days even though no blog.

Tomorrow is a new day with new adventures.

As always

Onward and upward

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