Death of hot chocolate

Welp.. the day came.. last night Zeq came down stairs and announced mom! I dont want hot chocolate tonight. Ok buddy. We knew it wouldnt last. We knew after buying the ginormous tube of hot chocolate it would happen. Because isnt that how it always happens?!?! Most of the time. We are now onto..back to.. glazed donuts.. yay.. not so much…and continuing with 2 cupcakes in a Tupperware at exactly 9:00.

Tonight ends the extended snow days. I have reminded him numerous times that for sure there is school. He does indeed have to bath. He as well has to follow his bed time. He has ask occasionally today mom what is today for the 50th million time telling him it was Sunday.. and his answer already?!?!?! Yes already…

Covering all the bases. Because lord knows this disruption in his routine hasnt been easy nor will it be easy to get back onto track again. But we will get it.

Our old friend Henry has became a presence in our home today. His “sick” self. This morning he came down I told him the usual heresy tea, take medicine, and here’s breakfast. He says. Can you smell that liquid medicine?!. No I dont. Oh ok. Upstairs he went. Follow… Zeq… you need to take your medicine. Oh?! So Zeq comes down stairs and starts his days with medicine food and goes about his day. Throughout the day we have had Johnny come off and on. Then Henry would come again, sickly, needing new box tissues, desperately needing liquid medicine. Was easily redirected each time.

Not once did I give Henry or Zeq the liquid medicine that Henry has ask for. Zeq himself has not said anything hurt nor that he needed or wanted medicine. Zeq does not ask for liquid anything. If he has a headache he will ask for medicine, or he will ask for a chest pill(heartburn) but that is it.

Henry hasnt been for awhile. He is not a normal visitor. But you definitely know it when he comes.

It does make sense this week has heightened all the personalities with the routine as thrown off as it has been. We hope that things start to settle back down to “our normal”

The one plus of tomorrow it will be warm so no need to worry about pants, because shorts will be just fine.

How was your day, how did you survive the past wintry days? Did you smile? Did you write your chapter? Were you thankful?

We wrote our story as we always do. If we didnt who would? Would you want someone else telling your story? I was thankful Zeq didnt have to put pants on this week, and that he can wear shorts this week. I smiled and Henry asking me if I smelled the liquid medicine. No one can say we live a dull life.

Onto tomorrow we will make it ours.. whatever it may bring we will make it the best we can.

As always

Onward and upward

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