Patience pays off

So it happened today…

Zeq was able to purchase his brand new 40 inch tv. He has been saving for awhile now. Every birthday money, every chore money. He has not wavered from his goal. He has ask me every single day if they are going on sale, if they are on sale.

Well today was the day it went on sale. It was 149. He has saved up to 137. He didnt have enough but we covered the rest for him. He told us he will be doing chores cause it is 13.00. Needless to say pretty happy camper.

So now the electronics treasure hunter has 2 TVs in his room. He doesnt want this one to hang on his wall he wants it to be on a stand.

It goes to show you what patience can do. Most kids get their 10 dollars run to the store then 2 minutes later gone. Not Zeq he has looked at things only to say after I buy my TV. So now he will begin to save for something else. Who knows what it will be. I’m sure something that will make me laugh and shake my head at the same time.

Since the strike we are getting back into the swing of things like school. It may have only been 2 days but every day he ask is there school tomorrow. Yep buddy there is.

This afternoon driving home from school he said I knew it.. a tree fell.. looking around never once seen a tree fall. I said huh. He said right there before my eyes it fell. I knew it would. Mind you no tree had fallen.. then he says birch trees everywhere. White birch to be exact. At that moment I knew the college personality was there. All I could do is laugh. The few moments later Zeq was back telling me about gym class. This personality doesnt have a name yet. But it made me laugh.

The things that he and or the personalities say somedays.

In a few weeks there will be a surprise coming. We have decided that the elves will make an appearance on the first day of spring and a count down of crafts until Easter. They always come at Easter anyways so might as well bring some goodies along the way. Currently in process of collecting things and ideas for them to bring.

What did you do today, did you laugh and smile? Were you thankful.

I did I laughed at his tree falling. I am thankful he was able to get his tv. As always we wrote our page.

As always

Onward and upward


Well here we have it! All of wv schools are closed tomorrow. Teachers will strike. Post are being made.. people are mad. They dont have child care tomorrow because was called so late. People thinking it is ignorant that our teachers are doing so.

Well let me tell my side.. as well as Zeqs side!!!

We are #55strong. We will support every one of our teachers. People may disagree with me.. they may want these charter schools. Will we be impacted on both sides. Absolutely.

How we will be affected during strike. Major thing there is no day care, services for Zeq. He is not allowed to enter a day care, for the day. Day cares and service places are not equipped for him. They are not trained in his medicine or his behaviors so therefore a big no. Will we have personalities running around all day. Absolutely. But dont we always. Will I have one excited kid to have a day off absolutely. All of these I will be able to handle.

Now how will we be affected if no strike.. charter schools come to town.. not only taking teachers jobs, public school funding, they also will pretty much hand pick who goes to these schools. Well guess what then elementaries, middle, and high schools will be forced to consolidate. Without funding they will no longer be able to employ the number of teachers, nurses, aides, or counselors needed to provide these children. Well guess who the first kids who wont be hand picked?!?! Zeq!! He will go to the consolidated schools where he will no longer have an aide, be placed in classes with no help what so ever.

These teachers who take the time to help Zeq not just while in school, but check up on him, and genuinely whole heartedly care about him.

So to those who are bashing the strike. Not all of us can afford to loose our teachers. Yes will there be struggles finding care while still being able to go to work. But at the end of the day we are parents who want the best for our kids. What is best for Zeq is to stay in a school that has the correct personnel to handle his every day.

This is only my opinion. Take it or leave it. But I stand with the teachers. I stand for the education of my children. At the end of the day disabled children have a hard time already but by allowing charter schools it will separate them even more than they already are.

So batten down the hatches… because I know for this house the storm is coming in the shape of a 14 year kid. We will face this storm and we will get through it.

As we always do

Onward and upward


When elves attack…

Happy Valentine’s day to all.

It’s been a little bit since last posting. Snow days, and headaches have plagued here.

But today being valentines day. Our mischievous elves came for a short visit. They bought a small gift and ofcourse their special project. It was a valentines lego.

Zeq got a yellow heart one. He was pretty excited about it. Which was nice. The elves brought him some beaded necklaces which are one of his favorites.

The past days with school delays, cancellations have been rough on him. We have cycled through every possible personality. Very rapidly. We have had meltdowns over the most random things. His has had some not so great behavior reports from school. He fell today at school and bruised his knee. But you know what?! We survived it all. We didnt do it gracefully to say the least. But we did it.

Our foods have changed once again… what’s new?!?! No more cupcakes at 9:00.. we are now onto mini fudge stripe cookies. Never has asked for hot chocolate again.

We live we learn. We continue on like we always do. That is what we will always do.

At the end of the day our story is put out there no matter how bad or good our days is. No matter how boring our life may seem. One day we will help someone. That’s what this is all about. About teaching someone, helping someone. That’s what I want to do. One day we will.

How have you been? Have you smiled? Have you started writing your own story to tell?

I was thankful today as I always am by just being able to be here, and help with a project. Zeq made me smile over being extremely thoughtful to his sister when her flower broke(cat tried to eat it) he helped he put it in a cup. We wrote our chapter today. As we will tomorrow. As we did the past few days even though no blog.

Tomorrow is a new day with new adventures.

As always

Onward and upward

Weird happenings…

When things get strange.

You know sometimes in life you have those moments that things are weird, or just off. Well first off we have many of those moments in our life time so it is not anything rare. But when these moments come they seem to stump me, dumbfound me in a sense.

Well that moment happened last night. So you know we have a strict routine anyways. Zeq has his own routine on top of the routine. Then being the day before school after what seems like a forever break added to the routine even more. So 9:00 I take him his 2 cupcakes in the tupperware for his snack as he has been requesting. He thanks me. I remind him he has half an hour left. He acknowledges. We go through the speel as we always do. Make sure he plugs in his phone so he will have it. He nods as he always does. I tell him I love him and good night as I do. He again nods( he is not an affectionate person 99% of the time) all along knowing in 20 minutes he will march down the steps and ask the exact same question he does every single night. Mom… yes?!?! knowing he is about to ask where his cat is.. Have you seen Jackson?! I tell him same thing every night he is probably in the kitchen.

Well last night I heard him coming down steps at exactly 9:20 on cue. Thinking to myself where is Jackson.. well then the weirdness.. he says mom.. yea?!?! I put my cupcakes in the kitchen I’m not hungry?!?! And turns around goes upstairs to bed. What wait?!?! In my life with Zeq he has never not eaten snack. Has he had a meltdown of not wanting or liking the snack yes many times in his life. But to not want one was just weird.. and on top of it to bring them down to kitchen was even weirder. So I sat there dumbfounded really. When you think one thing, turns out to be something completely different. He didn’t have a snack at all, nor did he even look for his cat. So to say it was really Zeq I dont know for sure. But of it wasnt I can say without a doubt i don’t know who it was.

As for tonight I dont know if he will have a snack, I dont know if it will be 2 cupcakes. He has not said a word about it since not even to acknowledge it. So I guess we will see. As for today school went ok. He brought home a taped up boxed that contained speakers, and told us about getting gigabytes just incase because you never know. You know what he is right.. you never know.. after school we were visited by the shadow guy he stayed about an hour he told his troops their orders and oversaw them. Then like nothing Zeq was back as if nothing happened. At dinner time Zeq ask if maybe we could switch things up sometime and have homeade pizza with french fries. Sure we can I told him. Then off he went. Johnny came a few brief times. Not staying long. Not bothering anyone. Henry was no where in sight. Not a sniffle, not a runny nose, not an ailment. Which is a good thing.

The thing about life is like Zeq says… you never know.. and you dont. I would have never guessed in a million years he would skip a snack. Will he tonight? Who knows? Was it really Zeq? Again who knows? Time will tell. We will see, we will learn.

Tomorrow will come. We can hope for less weirdness but if not, guess what? Will be ok. We will do what we do. Do we have all the answers absolutely not. Will we do our best to find the answers or a solution to the problem you best believe it.

We can make each day the best of the worst day. It is how we deal with the obstacles that we come across in which makes us better people.

How was your day? Were you thankful and did you smile? Did write your story.

We wrote ours. If we didnt no one would. If we didnt not many would know what kind of person Zeq was, we wouldnt be able to help people who may be going through similar situations. People who are scared because they feel alone. I was thankful that Henry is at bay. I smiled because after all the snow days today wasnt a complete meltdown.

Tomorrow will be here before you know it no better time to start writing your story than right now.

As always

Onward and upward

Death of hot chocolate

Welp.. the day came.. last night Zeq came down stairs and announced mom! I dont want hot chocolate tonight. Ok buddy. We knew it wouldnt last. We knew after buying the ginormous tube of hot chocolate it would happen. Because isnt that how it always happens?!?! Most of the time. We are now onto..back to.. glazed donuts.. yay.. not so much…and continuing with 2 cupcakes in a Tupperware at exactly 9:00.

Tonight ends the extended snow days. I have reminded him numerous times that for sure there is school. He does indeed have to bath. He as well has to follow his bed time. He has ask occasionally today mom what is today for the 50th million time telling him it was Sunday.. and his answer already?!?!?! Yes already…

Covering all the bases. Because lord knows this disruption in his routine hasnt been easy nor will it be easy to get back onto track again. But we will get it.

Our old friend Henry has became a presence in our home today. His “sick” self. This morning he came down I told him the usual heresy tea, take medicine, and here’s breakfast. He says. Can you smell that liquid medicine?!. No I dont. Oh ok. Upstairs he went. Follow… Zeq… you need to take your medicine. Oh?! So Zeq comes down stairs and starts his days with medicine food and goes about his day. Throughout the day we have had Johnny come off and on. Then Henry would come again, sickly, needing new box tissues, desperately needing liquid medicine. Was easily redirected each time.

Not once did I give Henry or Zeq the liquid medicine that Henry has ask for. Zeq himself has not said anything hurt nor that he needed or wanted medicine. Zeq does not ask for liquid anything. If he has a headache he will ask for medicine, or he will ask for a chest pill(heartburn) but that is it.

Henry hasnt been for awhile. He is not a normal visitor. But you definitely know it when he comes.

It does make sense this week has heightened all the personalities with the routine as thrown off as it has been. We hope that things start to settle back down to “our normal”

The one plus of tomorrow it will be warm so no need to worry about pants, because shorts will be just fine.

How was your day, how did you survive the past wintry days? Did you smile? Did you write your chapter? Were you thankful?

We wrote our story as we always do. If we didnt who would? Would you want someone else telling your story? I was thankful Zeq didnt have to put pants on this week, and that he can wear shorts this week. I smiled and Henry asking me if I smelled the liquid medicine. No one can say we live a dull life.

Onto tomorrow we will make it ours.. whatever it may bring we will make it the best we can.

As always

Onward and upward