Polar vortex

With cold weather it has brought along with it 2 snow days. One of which is artic academy. Do I believe this is an awesome thing for schools??!! Absolutely. Do I believe it is a good thing for my autistic multiple personality child. Nope. Snows days… yay Zeq is excited. Artic academy Zeq is less enthusiastic. Why do we have to school on a snow day he ask? Well buddy it is so that you dont have to make up the day at the end of the year. Mom?! Yea buddy that’s a lie they still make us go. Touche… hes not wrong. But it is still a hassle to have school on a snow day nonetheless. He doesnt understand. Quite frankly I cant explain it to him an anyway shape or form that would make it any better.

Atlas we do it. Wether we think it’s right, wether we have screaming matches about it. Because that’s what we need to do. It’s not part of his routine. So no matter what it will never be ok. I get it I understand it.

With the two days of missed school. I can imagine that come tomorrow night I will be peppered with the ever doomed questions why do we have to go?! Its Friday we wont be doing anything anyways?!?! It could be a long weekend please mom. Again hes not wrong. But if one is skipped, then it becomes an even bigger battle. We pick and choose these battles. This will be one we know it already.

He still is having is 8:20 nightly hot chocolate. So far not easing up. We invested in one of the large containers of it just incase. We are on to homeade cup cakes as snack. To be placed into Tupperware with lids at 9:00. Why you ask?! No idea. But I wont complain. Whatever will cause the least about of stress is what we go with.

Personalities have came and played all day. John and Johnny have frequented a lot today. Screaming, crying, arguing with himself, laughing, or overly loud talking. We are used to it. We handle as well as we can when they come.

Our days arent exciting, nor are they dull. They are our days. They teach us something everyday. I am here in hopes to one day teach someone else something. Teach them the importance of patience. The importance of buying in multiples. Teach them that all days wont be rainbows and butterflies. But it will be great in it’s own way. Teach someone they arent alone.

We wrote our chapter on this bitter cold day. Did you? I am thankful to have the ability to be Zeqs mom, and maybe one day help someone else. I smiled at his presentation of why cupcakes need to be in Tupperware at 9:00.

Tomorrow will come, it will go just like today. If you havent started writing your story now is the best time to do so.

As always

Onward and upward

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