What makes you happy.

Seems like a pretty easy question right? For me I could say a million things make me happy on any given day. Day to day sure they change here and there. But in general it is the same list.

But then we come to Zeq. What makes him happy. Lots of things do. They do change day to day. Everyday is different on what makes him happy. One day it may be honey buns. The next honey buns will make a huge meltdown. Then you add in the different personalities. Their happiness is completely different from Zeqs. So at any given point on any given day it is different from 5 mins prior.

Disabilities take things from you. Whether it be mobility, speach, or sanity. Disability in a sense take away ones happiness, only for a brief moment. Because then these amazing people find happiness in what some see as hell.

For Zeq his true one happiness is comfort. Comfort?! Yes comfort. Comfort comes in many forms for him. His home. His shorts. His bedroom. If he is home and in shorts he is truly happy. Because his happiness isnt money, cool phones, fancy shoes, trivial things. Just being somewhere he feels safe is his happiness.

Alot of people need the newest phone, latest shoes, that exclusive toy because that is what will make them happy.

People, kids and adult who are disable are just happy to wake up and not feel sick, or to have a doctors appointment and not have to give blood. Or like Zeq to wake up and feel safe because he knows he can have tea, or wear shorts.

We as able bodied people, I think somedays take advantage of the little things day to day. Little things that mean the most to others we tend to find unimportant. We could learn a lot from people like Zeq, we could be humbled by the thought of something being perfect even though it is full of flaws. His disability has given the ability to be thankful for lifes smallest things.

What were you thankful for today. Did you smile and write your page.

I am thankful today for Zeq being excited to show me something on a game. I smiled at watching him do something on his game and thinking man he is really good at this stuff. We wrote our story as we do every day.

That makes me happy. If we dont tell our own story who will?

As always

Onward and upward

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