The little things in life…

I say it so often, but it is true. So we have had not the easiest of weeks. First no school on Monday.. and yesterday resulted in 2 hr delay. Well remember how I told you why I dont tell him the night before? So Tuesday morning he finds out delay.. the meltdown ensures.. why do we have to go? Its only a reward day.. still have to go. Well Tuesday was a frigid morning. So no way around it he had to wear pants.

Well pants are numb.. they are too tight.. they are too loose.. they are to much jeans??! They are not soft… these have a hole.. ok we get it pants suck!! No way around it. We just dont do well with pants.

45 minutes later he has pants on and off to school. School was fine it was a reward day, so he went to tech class. All was well in the world.

It was warmer today so shorts it was. Much better got out of the door and to school he went.

While at school every few months we clean their rooms, like open boxes and throw away trash when it comes to Zeq. So today I wasnt feeling the greatest so no better day than today. Went to work at it. Opening boxes that have been there since his birthday or Christmas and what not. Well get this done. After vacuuming and about to leave the room. I look and just smile. It’s the little things!!!

So as I look at his stuff and placement of where he has things. Makes me just smile. I have a pretty awesome kid. You know he is 14. Most 14 year olds, want to hang out with friends. Go to ball games alone. Stay the night at friends houses. Go to the mall. Some bad things here and there.

Not Zeq! He is perfectly happy being here. In his room with his things. Some his age, or even older may look at his room and think.. this room is weird. Why so much things. Random things. Well you know what this room is a perfect example of who Zeq is. He has collected all these things. It has taken him a long time. He cherishes gifts that people give him and he proudly displays them. He keeps all the cards, the little boxes, the “trash” as seen by others.

His stuff is not trash, it is not weird. He is not either. He is an amazing young man who truly perfectly imperfect. His room tells his story. In this room you will see the different personalities as well. You just have look. You will see Johnny and his innocence with all his stuffed animals. John with his OCD and perfect placement of items. Shadow with all his army trophies. Jeffery with all his loud posters and such. All of this combine with Zeqs love of electronics. All of this make Zeq who he is. As personalities come and evolve I am sure we will see more put into his room.

As I stood in his doorway and looked around I guess is hit me, that all these personalities that I hate to love, are him! Every ounce of him. I smiled knowing I have one pretty cool kid. Who currently is having his 8:20 hot chocolate. I am so proud of him. I am proud to know him. I am proud I am his mom.

Tomorrow will come and will go. We will have challenges and we will have victories. We will make the best of tomorrow..tomorrow.

How was your day? Were you thankful, did you smile, and did you write your page.

We did. I am thankful for Zeq! I smiled at his room. We wrote our chapter as we do everyday.

As always

Onward and upward

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