Interworkings of Zeq

The interworkings of Zeq well no one really knows. I think I know some days. But then some days I have not a clue in the world.

I know what he likes when it comes to buying him things. I know the shirts he needs to be comfortable. I know he has to wear “stretchy” shorts or pants. I know what kinds of shoes he needs. When it comes to the personalities I know them to some extent. I know who is here when they show up and I know how judge the situation. When meltdowns ensue I know when to bob and weave, or zig then zag.

When it comes to everyday life Zeq does keep me on my toes. Today there was no school. He would randomly come out of his room to tell me about his game. He would tell me all about making bunkers, setting up water stations… now mind you I have no clue in the world what the heck he is talking about. But I listen intently and tell him how cool it is. Then off he goes. Other times he would come and tell me about a fan under his desk and maybe he should put it in his window and blow all the air out of his room. I tell him probably not a good idea being it is only 5 degrees outside. He takes that answer and goes about his day. Earlier this evening he came down and ask if he could have cake for snack tonight.. side story I baked a cake and today there were two pieces left. Rylee had one, and he has been very worried all day if it would be there this evening. So he came and ask. I assured him it would be his. All is good.

He then comes back down, says mom can I have that cake at 9 o’clock?!?! Yes not a problem.. he proceeds I’m going to have hot chocolate tonight. Yes, yes I know you are.. you have had it every day going on 3 weeks. But it wasnt just he was having hot chocolate. But he needed it at 8:20. Exactly 8:20. Over and over he tells me. He needs hot chocolate at 8:20 and his cake at 9. No sooner, no later. This conversation went on for about 10 mins straight and I assured him multiple times he could have them at those times. Finally happy with the answers he went on with his day.

It makes you think. The interworkings of his brain. Somethings consume him so much that he can not do anything else. It over takes everything else. It happens a lot not just today, but at some point in his every day. Like my watch that he wears to school he makes sure he knows where it is atleast 5 times. Tonight he ask about a power bank getting charged for the last hour.

There is a 2hr delay tomorrow. But he does not know it yet. Because if he did it would overtake everything then it would turn into why do we even have to go. It would be bad. We have to pick our battles when it comes to changes in routine. We choose to not rock the boat with things that arent important.

I wish I knew the interworkings of his brain. Or maybe I don’t?!?! Its always an adventure with him for sure. The things that may come out of his mouth at any given time would amaze you. It makes me laugh a lot. Sometimes I am dumbfounded. Either way it is interesting to say the least.

We wont ever have all the correct answers but we wont always have the wrong answers either. We will make our way through this journey together. Always learning something new. Maybe helping someone else, maybe teaching someone something new. That’s what our purpose is. Zeqs purpose is to teach everyone something that they may never know they needed to learn.

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go just like today. What you do with your days is what will make you who you are. Did you laugh and smile? Were you thankful? Did you write your page in your story?! We did. I am thankful for having a piece of cake for him at 9 on the dot. I smiled at having to have hot chocolate at 8:20. We write our story everyday. I will continue writing it so everyone knows what kind of amazing person he is. Maybe one day it will be put into a book. One day?!?! Why not. We can do anything we put our mind to. He has a story to be told. So I will be his voice in telling it.

As always

Onward and upward

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