Schedules, lamps, saturdays

So this week has been a little iffy for Zeq. It all started because of the change in his routine, when new classes began.

Routine changes are not fun. The abrupt change is never welcomed. It isnt something that is taken lightly. It throws wrenches throughout his brain. It struggles to keep up, as well as to know where to go next.

So with 2 new classes some would say oh well he has 7 regular ones at their regular times. But just think every morning you probably wake up, turn your alarm off, go to the restroom and so on. So what would it do to you if you hear your alarm but it is a new clock that you have no idea how to turn off.. you spend 3 mins trying to figure it out.. how does that make you feel? Irratable? You struggle. So now you have the alarm shut off… annoyed, frusterated, you go to the next task that is in your “routine” only to find that there was a water break.. no water no restroom, no teeth brushing, no steaming cup of coffee. Now how do you feel?!?! Even more annoyed, and you feel like your day is ruined, and you just woke up. You feel this way because your whole day is thrown off. But guess what you wake up the next day, turn the alarm off first time and alas you have water. So all is well again right?

Well it’s not that easy for Zeq. That is how Zeq feels for months after a routine break. It’s not as easy for his brain to retrain. His brain is programmed to the same path, same steps, using same soap, wear same shorts. The repetition of these tasks everyday is what he knows. So changing 2 classes, is way bigger to him than anyone will ever know.

So this week along has done that, then it threw in an early dismissal in which he could not figure out why he had to go at all. Alone this early dismissal made him upset. But also did you know in middle school he eats lunch on early dismissal at 9 am?! Yep so then theres that. He eats lunch at 12:30 because that’s the time he is supposed to. That’s when hes brain says it is time.

Was he happy to get out early ofcourse but when he got home he wasnt sure if it was time to eat lunch, have snack, or if it would be dinner time soon. Or even if he was even hungry yet. Because hunger to him is a certain time. Not a certain feeling. Our brains tell us we are hungry. His brain looks for a clock to eat.

He made it through the week, even went to goodwill and found a lamp. He is so excited about this lamp. He has came down multiple times to tell us how cool it is, and we have seen it several times, because he would say do you want to see it.

The personalities have came and went. Alot! While in car after school Jeffrey broke out into song and dance. John came with lots and lots of frustrations. Johnny came very regularly. He even to the point openly wanted to leave his room for a few moments. It has been a very up and down few days. We made it through. We made it to his favorite day of the week. There is no school on monday, hopefully after we can work on getting his routine more stable. I believe when he is so overwhelmed, and doesnt feel stable, his other personalities probably feel the same. They try and overcompensate to find some what of stability.

His stability for now is hot chocolate at 8:30. Hey we will take it.

Tomorrow will come we will make it the best we can. We will continue to write our story. We will live this craziness we call life. We wont do it is beautifully, but we will keep making our life as beautiful as we can.

Did you write your chapter today? Did you smile, were you thankful?

We wrote ours, I have smiled about this lamp(he needs 2 more he says) I was thankful and am thankful that I am his mom and that I get to learn from him every day.

As we always say

Onward and upward

On side note, we have began buying crafts for our elves next year. If anyone has any ideas or would like to see a certain craft. Please feel free to let me know. It takes a lot of planning and gathering to make it possible.

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