Let’s change it up…

Let’s change it up… lets not I say. That’s what today was about for Zeq. Going to school he went in to a new 9 weeks. In turn means new changes to his schedule.

He hates the change. It derails his routine. So he goes in. He has gym.. he is ok with gym. But then he gets art.. ok we can do art.. on second thought we can’t do art. All because he has the same teacher he had art with last year. Shes a nice teacher, a good teacher. She knows Zeq so that is a plus for me atleast. But the problem is last year when they were sure what classes to put him in the gave him art.. then when 9 weeks changed, gave him art yet again.. same teacher, learning exactly same thing. So we make through that to the next 9 weeks gets schedule. Same art, same teacher, same lesson. 3 times last year. So this year he again has art with the same teacher.

He is very upset by this. So will take an adjustment. Not only did he lose his woodshop class that he loved it was replaced by art which he does not like let alone love.

Today was just bad from the start. First schedule, then his special education teacher who also co teaches all of his regular classes he goes to, was not there. So he had a sub, he did not like. It threw his day even more off. Then we go to his last class of the day. No real class. People came from the high school to talk with everyone. Tell them about the schedule and how it works.

Well let me say, classes are going to be 90mins in high school. Even and odd days for classes. He already is like nope not happening. It consumed him. It made him worry about something we dont need to just yet. He still has the rest 8th grade.

This was our conversation after school. Which in turn the anxiety brought personalities out to visit. Johnny came several times this even as well as John. You know I never said hey I know this or that about any of this he goes through. We are learning this together. I do a lot of research, reading, asking questions. Today I guess watching the anxiety over something that is not in the nearest of futures like high school, and then Johnny coming several times. Maybe since Zeq doesnt understand, or is worried about it. Maybe it puts his defense down because he is so distraught by all of it, it is easier for personalities to come out? I don’t know really. But I know by going to school today, in one short day all the work we have done to get back on routine from Christmas was set back by school today. Is it frustrating of course. Is it more frustrating for Zeq absolutely. I just wish there was more planning that went into things like this. All disabled people are different. If you are in a wheelchair, they place ramps. If you need oxygen they provide it. But what about Zeq? Just because his disability doesnt need physical assistance, why is something not in place for autistic kids, or multiple personalities?! I guess always been a question. Maybe now I’ll take upon myself to find the answers. Because everyone who needs the extra help should receive it.

Sorry about the rant… onto the rest of our day. We now eat cinnamon toast crunch, still drinking nightly hot chocolate for now. Switched up the snack it is now 2 honey buns… in which he only eats one.. but needs 2. Hey whatever floats his boat.

Tomorrow is a new day which will have it’s on challenges. How we handle these challenges make us who we are. We will tackle tomorrow when tomorrow comes. We will do it our way, that’s the only way we know how. Maybe tomorrow we can be someone’s voice who doesnt have one.

How was your day, did you write your chapter? We did. A few pages of our adventure. I smiled at the 100th time this week being ask mom can I have hot chocolate at 8:30.(has to be at 8:30, why? Not a clue) I was thankful today for being able to just listen to his worries. No I have no idea what’s going on in his head. But it wasnt about me knowing, it was that I took the time to listen. Were you thankful?! Did you smile or make someone else smile?

If you didnt you can change that, only you can.

As always

Onward and upward

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