Sunday funday….

Well it is Sunday, the least liked day of the week. All because tomorrow is back to school… boo.. with the snow that fell the questions began. Think there will be school tomorrow. Yes there will be school tomorrow. This week is a shortened week. By half a day but nonetheless shortened. Which as well caused questions. Can we skip Friday. No no you can not. Why?! Because you cant. Added bonus there is no school next monday so something to look forward too. Hey we will take it.

Today was our nephews bday party. So Zeq had to leave the house. Ofcourse it snowed which came with other obstacles. Pants… nope not today. He said he wanted to wear shorts. I said ok. There is no need to cause a fight. He went from warm house to warm car, to warm house. So I didnt see a point to add to the already heightened agitation. Even though he likes to go to bday parties and see sweetie pie still means he has to leave his house.. which automatically turns the anxiety on.

Putting on a shirt, socks, shoes, a sweater was enough already. So shorts it was. Then we were on our way. He played fortnite and told his uncle all about fallout. He got 10 dollars which he added to his tv fund. He is up to 90 dollars.

The whole way there and back he talked and talked. Told us how he wants to go to goodwill and buy 2 identical lamps. He wants to put them on each side of his tv when he gets it. He also told us he wants some shelves to put his consoles on. Or another coffee table. As if one is just not enough. In his mind he sees just exactly how he wants it. I just wish I could see it. So I knew.

After getting home I informed him he had to get a haircut. It’s been overdue for 2 weeks now. He said are you sure you dont want to wait til tomorrow. I assured him I did not. So he got it cut reluctantly but cut. Win for us.

He is having his nightly hot chocolate and hershey kisses. This is the routine. How long will it last? We are still on chocolate donuts as of today too. Johnny came today and played with the kitty kitty kitty. John made his presence known when I told him he had to put clothes on. It infuriated him and he said for a good half an hour. When he left it was as if I never had the conversation with Zeq. Because I handed him a shirt and he said where are we going. So I went through the whole discussion again, and he was a ok with it this time around.

Somedays are easier than others. Somedays you have to have the same conversations more than 10 times. Really depends on who is here at that moment.

Tomorrow will come, and there should be school. We will tackle tomorrow, tomorrow. We cant do anything about tomorrow today. Today we wrote our chapter. We were thankful for small victories in form of a haircut. I smiled when he told me why he needed 2 lamps.

How did your day go? Did you smile? Were you thankful? How is your chapters going?

As always

Onward and upward

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