Saturdays are life…

We made it through first offical week of school being back in. Had a delay one day which resulted in a bit of a meltdown, a long with the why cant we just skip we wont be doing anything anyways.

In past few days we have had many personalities come and go. The shadow guy has shown up every day which is a little odd, he is usually off and on here and there. Not necessarily an everyday regular. But he doesnt bother anyone. He shoots his guns, commands his troops and goes about his day. John has came with his OCD ways, cleaning here and there grumbling under his breath. Frustration comes along with John. I’m not completely sure why but it does. Johnny the most regular came today as he always shows up in each day. Talking to the mommy kitty or upset because he is hungry right now! Not later like wither away hungry right now. The always favorite Jeffrey hey man, like totally man came and went today with little disruption.

What can I say you ever want some good ole entertainment come hang out with us for a few minutes.

Things that also have came and left food!!! You know we are used to changes in foods. They last a week maybe two.. then meltdown, and new food. Got it.. no problem.. have done it for years. But recently it has been eat this for two days, then completely done with it. But to point sometimes he doesnt even remember he even ate it two days prior.. or that he ask for it, and that’s the only reason it was purchased. We are back again with hot chocolate and Hershey kisses only at bed time. It went away for few days. Breakfast has went from cereal to now chocolate donuts. Dinner we are back to potatoes… of all shapes. French fries.. with salt… not just salt.. but salt as in a salt block salt. Snack through the day.. well I dont know.. because last few days.. he hasnt ask for one.. or ate one.. at all… abnormal to say the least.

So new challenges everyday. We work through them. We do the best we can. Everyday will be a new day. We will tackle each day as it’s own.

Todays been very withdrawn. Tomorrow could be talk our ears off. Or it could be a complete disaster. We will learn about it tomorrow. We will write that page when it comes.

But as for today… its Saturday the best day of his week. He doesnt( and didn’t) leave his room all day. In turn means he was naked belly, no pants, no school. In his mind no worries. He has yet to get his haircut. We will try that battle tomorrow.

I am thankful for it being Saturday today. The day he can just be his comfortable self. I smiled because he asked me for the millionth time if I put double salt on his fries. Today we wrote our chapter. Did you? Were you thankful? Did you smile, and give a smile today?

Todays the perfect day to start all of that if you haven’t already. Because tomorrow is coming, so why not start today.

As always

Onward and upward

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