Frames, snow, coffee

Half way through the week. The first full week back.

This week so far. Food options at this point are up for grabs. We no longer are asking for hot chocolate. He requested honey nut cherrios?!?! No danishes, not fond of hot dogs. His snack of choice is Hershey kisses and for breakfast we are eating the new hostess powder sugar donuts. It’s a game of roulette every day at this point.

He now wears a watch to school. He got a fallout watch for Christmas and loved it(oddly) we figured it would be added to his collection but he decided to wear it. Well it got scratched so he doesnt want to ruin it. Good theory. I told him it would be ok. But to no avail he didnt want to. So I got one of my watches and ask if he wanted to wear it. He did, he thought was coolest. He ask if he could wear it every day. Why sure. Win for him, lost for me, now I need another watch. Hey as long as it helps the school day.

After school his behavior chart was ok. One teacher excellent day, the next class said was sluggish and withdrawn. I can only chaulk it up to probably 2 different personalities. Either way we made it through the day. He was excited afterschool. During school after he finished his birdhouse he started a picture frame project. He had to cut and weld pieces of cooper to complete this. He took a picture to school with him to go in it. Well today he got to bring it home. He was proud of it. He told me all about it .

On way home. He was talking. Kinda like the other day. About this and that. We drove by the mtec school and there was a playground outside it. Toddler playground. He said why is that there(mind you I just thought the same thing) i said well maybe they have a child care class. He said they probably do.. he said there is this one hallway that has ABC’s and 123s you know little baby things. I chuckled. Because that is what he associates ABC’s with apparently.

Continued on way, we were all talking about coffee, and Starbucks. Zeq says i liked coffee once, used to drink it often. But now I’m a sweet tea person these days. I laughed out loud. He went back to watching his phone. All the sudden he says crap..I forgot to close window. I look back to his seat and say it is up. He said no.. my room you let me open it for a minute and I never closed it.(20 hours later we remember) Personalities came quick but didnt stay long on the ride. Henry came some this afternoon. This evening he has been quite withdrawn from everyone and everything. Not even talking while playing his game.

Our days are never dull by far. We dont know what food he is eating from day to day, or even what he or any of his personalities will say. It is interesting to say the least.

He is hoping for a snow day tomorrow. We said theres probably going to be school. He said well you never know. You know what.. hes right.. you never know.

What I do know I we wrote our chapter today, I left several times at his conversations, and I am thankful I had a watch that was cool. I am thankful he was so excited about the picture frame and that he was proud of himself. I am very proud of him always and I think his frame is awesome.

Tomorrow will come whether it is a snow day, or not. What will you do with your day. Will you sit around and let is pass you by?! Or will you smile? Be thankful for little things? Write your chapter? I hope you do, I know we will. We will make our day the best it can be.

Until then

As always

Onward and upward

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