Life is a highway…

Title just happens to describe our life, and happen to be my favorite song ever.

First full week of school since break is upon us. It is daunting for sure, and today is only Monday.

This morning was full of I dont want to get ups.. treats of earlier bedtimes. Then came breakfast and cinnamon rolls.. well these cinnamon have to much icing(was unaware that was even possible.) But indeed they did. As he says why would someone want that much icing. On to school, whew. His behavior report was good, and had no homework. Small victories we will take it.

The ride home from school he was talking about a mile a minute. I tried to get keep up. But the topics came even faster. It was one second mama did you have to use your navigation to get to sweetie pies? Umm you have never called me mama.. and I asked when she moved. He said yea as if I asked the dumbest question. Before I could answer we were onto the next subject.

It was about when he took the trip to the university, he had to go into a parking lot to pick someone up. I said that’s weird. Again looks at me as if I should have already known that answer. I dont say anything. Continuing on.. mind you the drive home is about 10 mins. He says hey mom, yea buddy. They made me go to journalism…?!?! Huh?!?! I clearly wrote down engineering (now racking my brain to think of what he could be talking about) I said ok. He said that lady said I wasnt on the list. I said ok but journalists are pretty interesting. He said no I wrote down engineering, you know so could work on cars. Do you mean mechanic?!?! No engineering but they clearly misplaced the correct list(his words) I said that’s ok. Mind you I have not one clue in the world what he is talking about.. all I know it isnt Zeq. Then he stops for a second.

He says next shoot mom, ok?! What’s up. Zeq(its him) starts telling me about a YouTuber he watches he forgot to watch his new video. Then.. we make it home. All this in a matter of minutes. I swear his brain and personalities run rampant most days. This isnt our normal after school banter. So I knew something was up. Either way it made me laugh, and also very confused to say the least.

This evening, we dont necessarily have new foods but we are loosing them quicker than we are gaining. We have lost danish, reese, blue doritos, cinnamon rolls. We have gained in the last two days the need to have a cup of hot chocolate right before bed. As well as tonight’s snack of choice hershey kisses. Good thing we have backup stock of things.

We had Johnny, John, and the new college going guy today. Nothing out of the normal. We had anger, laughter, super excitement. You know our normal rollercoaster of personalities and emotions.

You know just a normal day in our craziness of life, and its only monday. We definitely do not live a dull life. It’s not rainbows and sunshine every day but it most certainly is ours. We live it the best we know how.

Tomorrow will come and go just the same as today. May be excitement filled, or it may be withdrawn and quiet. We wont know until it comes. Either way it will be ours to make of it what we wish. Today we wrote our chapter, I laughed at engineering vs journalism. I am thankful I had stock in hot chocolate and hershey kisses, because it avoided a meltdown.

Were you thankful, did you find your reason to smile. Did you write your chapter no matter if it was boring, spontaneous or like ours a craziness.

You can choose to live your life following all the rules and maybe not smiling much or choose to make your own rules and not only smile a lot, but make someone else smile along the way…

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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