Saturdays are Zeqs favorite day by far. No other day has what Saturday does. What does it have that others do not? I have no idea. Yes Saturdays are weekend. But other than that to me it is another day. Still work and errands to be ran.

For whatever reason too Zeq it is much more. There is no school, no putting on shoes, pants and shirt. He plays his games, and comes down to tell us what is going on in it. So to him that is the best thing in the world.

He was more withdrawn today. His personalities flipped throughout the day. You could hear him even if they didn’t come down the steps. Wether it was John angry and annoyed. To Johnny who is always happy to see the kitties and mommy kitty. Good ole Jeffery stopped by. His laid back I’ll get “the” room clean. It wasnt his as in Zeqs.. it was “the” kinda like as if it was a hotel room. Sometimes the slightest word can show you that someone else is there.

We made it through the short week of school. Tomorrow will be filled with what day is it… I dont want to go to school. To can we skip. Next week is a full week. Few more months and we will be on to summer break. He is looking forward to it already.

He doesnt eat danishes anymore.. but has brought back the ever revolving blue doritos and reese cups. He is on to cinnamon rolls for breakfast. His dinner was hot dog… on a bun… with ketchup. Boiled! Must be boiled, bun needs to be soft, and a good bit of ketchup. Few things about Zeq he has always microwaved hotdogs… for whatever reason hotdogs have always went in microwave, he very rarely eats bread, he never uses condiments. So that’s where we are with food. Tomorrow will probably look at me all crazy if I ask him if he wants a hotdog.

Tomorrow will be here before you know it. There will be adventures, memories made. Our adventure tomorrow the ever troubling haircut. Definitely not something to look forward to, but is needed. I’m sure personalities will come and go. I’m sure I will answer the same questions 20 times. I will hear all about fallout. You know what.. that is perfectly fine with me. Because life doesnt have to be complicated and fast pace for us. It just needs to be his “normal” we dont need whistles and bells. All we need his reese cups and tea.

You can make your tomorrow fantastic if you choose too. You can make anything out of it you want. What you do today, will help you tomorrow. What did you do today, did you smile and laugh? How about did you write your chapter? Were you thankful for something as small as a hotdog on a bun?

I am thankful for today that he ate. I smile at Jeffery telling me he would clean “the” room. I wrote my page just like I do everyday. Not everyday has to be a vacation in Fuji to be worth writing about. Everything you do in a days time is worth something even if it is yourself.

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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