Made it through the day

Well we made it through day 1 of back to school.

This morning it was I don’t want to go to school.. do I have to go to school. What day is it? You know the normal. Then the inevitable when is Easter break.. how many days.. how many weeks.

Either way we made it. He ate a new breakfast of cinnamon rolls. So those may be here for a few days. He had a good day while in school. He behavior chart was good. Getting there took a few minutes and the added next break talk. So a win win in our book.

He had the ever popular danish as his snack. It was his last piece and he didnt ask me 15 times if I was getting another one tomorrow. So I am left with not knowing to buy one or not.

Johnny came to visit a few times after school. As well as Henry.. not necessarily sick tonight, but had a weird issue with something in his mouth. He showed me.. he said you see it(I did not) he said it’s this gum.. this gum is moving up and down(it wasnt) and he needed medicine because it was growing.. and it was becoming bothersome. I told him at medicine time if still bothered I would look again.

At medicine time he brought down his bottle and I told him to take his medicine(no sign of Henry and no request of extra medicine) When told to take medicine he said he couldnt because he needed to wash his hands. I said ok, and put them in a cup so he wouldnt have to touch them. No avail he needed to wash his hands. Ok go for it if it necessary. Picks up the dish soap and puts it down… and states I probably should take my medicine before I was my hands so the pills dont get all slimy. Ok? So takes his medicine, but never did wash his hands. So I’m not real sure what transpired really. With it being dish soap.. I assume John was attempting to visit. But had no luck.

All in all today was a success we made it through school. Will we be as lucky tomorrow.. only tomorrow will tell. But today we take this victory. I laughed and smiled at his gum growing, and his hand washing debacle. I am thankful we made it through the day. At the end of the day it is another page in our book.

Did you write yours? Were you thankful about something. Most importantly did you smile? I hope so.

Tomorrow is coming ready or not, what you choose to make of tomorrow is your choice and yours alone.

Until then as always

Onward and upward

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