Back to school…

The evening.. and tomorrow the day we have been dreading. Back to school. Needless to say Zeq is not in the least excited.

It is one of the two hardest days to go to school. It’s either tomorrow or the first day back from summer break. He has waited so long for Christmas break and now it is over. Yes he already has a countdown going for Easter break.. but it is months away and it will depend on the weather on whether they get a week or just few days.

Today he did eat his danish.. so it is still on the list as of now. Today personalities came and went. We have had Johnny, the young child(no name as of yet) and of course the one and only John. He has been up and down today. Anxiety, frustration and anger. Has came in waves.

The good thing is it is only 2 days of school this week. So that is the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Tomorrow will come and it will either be ok, or it will be world war 6. But either way will be continue on we will get through the day. We will at the end of tomorrow write another page, we will smile at something and we will be thankful. We cant have an expectation tonight for tomorrow because things with Zeq change within seconds. The only expectation we have for everyday is to learn something, humble ourselves in some way.

We will continue every day the same way we always do. Pushing forward, learning, living, smiling, experiencing this thing called life! Will it be perfect absolutely not. But it will be imperfectly perfect for us.

Did you smile, become thankful, and did you write your page? I hope so.

I smiled hearing him play his game. I am thankful for everyone of you continuing to read everyday. My family is grateful for the chance to get our story out there.

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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