New year, new day..

First off what to say.. Happy News years to everyone. Thank you for the continued support in taking time out of your day to read these blog posts! I appreciate it and my family does as well.

Last night we did our annual new years eve, evening! Every year we go to the store and let the kids buy snacks of their choice, we play board games, and we sit and watch the ball drop.

Last night it was same. Zeq first has been anxiously waiting to go to gamestop and spend his giftcard he got for christmas. It’s not that he hasn’t been able to go. He just has very carefully looked at games so he would know just what he wanted. He wanted a controller and a game. When got there they had a special going on. So at the end of the trip he got a camo controller and 3 games. He added the protection to his games.. he always insists just in case. He make me laugh with it.

After gamestop we store at the store to pick our snacks. He choose a raspberry danish. He likes these danishs. They come and go through out his food choices. So now they are back for atleast a few days. He always gets excited on new years eve because you “can have as many snacks as you want” there are limits but he doesnt understand it and usually only has his snack and maybe one other thing. Well he choose 2 giant pieces of his danish.. the smile on his face was priceless.

He never usually participates in the board games, we all know how much he dislikes 90% of them. But he played his new games, then came down to watch the ball drop and popped his party popper.

With everyday comes new challenges, multiple personalities that come and go. But we make the best of each day. They go back to school on Thursday so I’m sure we will be faced with more personalities, and all the challenges that come along with the routine change. But we will make it through it as well.

The new year can bring whatever you want it to bring. Whether you have unspoken goal, or written down resolution. It’s your year to make it whatever you want to make of it. We are going to use this year to grow, to smile, to live our best life. We dont hope for miracles, we just hope for stability.

Tomorrow will come, it’s not to late to make the first day of the new year great. Did you smile today, were you thankful? If you havent there is still time.

As we always say..

Onward and upward!!!

New year!!!