Polar vortex

With cold weather it has brought along with it 2 snow days. One of which is artic academy. Do I believe this is an awesome thing for schools??!! Absolutely. Do I believe it is a good thing for my autistic multiple personality child. Nope. Snows days… yay Zeq is excited. Artic academy Zeq is less enthusiastic. Why do we have to school on a snow day he ask? Well buddy it is so that you dont have to make up the day at the end of the year. Mom?! Yea buddy that’s a lie they still make us go. Touche… hes not wrong. But it is still a hassle to have school on a snow day nonetheless. He doesnt understand. Quite frankly I cant explain it to him an anyway shape or form that would make it any better.

Atlas we do it. Wether we think it’s right, wether we have screaming matches about it. Because that’s what we need to do. It’s not part of his routine. So no matter what it will never be ok. I get it I understand it.

With the two days of missed school. I can imagine that come tomorrow night I will be peppered with the ever doomed questions why do we have to go?! Its Friday we wont be doing anything anyways?!?! It could be a long weekend please mom. Again hes not wrong. But if one is skipped, then it becomes an even bigger battle. We pick and choose these battles. This will be one we know it already.

He still is having is 8:20 nightly hot chocolate. So far not easing up. We invested in one of the large containers of it just incase. We are on to homeade cup cakes as snack. To be placed into Tupperware with lids at 9:00. Why you ask?! No idea. But I wont complain. Whatever will cause the least about of stress is what we go with.

Personalities have came and played all day. John and Johnny have frequented a lot today. Screaming, crying, arguing with himself, laughing, or overly loud talking. We are used to it. We handle as well as we can when they come.

Our days arent exciting, nor are they dull. They are our days. They teach us something everyday. I am here in hopes to one day teach someone else something. Teach them the importance of patience. The importance of buying in multiples. Teach them that all days wont be rainbows and butterflies. But it will be great in it’s own way. Teach someone they arent alone.

We wrote our chapter on this bitter cold day. Did you? I am thankful to have the ability to be Zeqs mom, and maybe one day help someone else. I smiled at his presentation of why cupcakes need to be in Tupperware at 9:00.

Tomorrow will come, it will go just like today. If you havent started writing your story now is the best time to do so.

As always

Onward and upward

What makes you happy.

Seems like a pretty easy question right? For me I could say a million things make me happy on any given day. Day to day sure they change here and there. But in general it is the same list.

But then we come to Zeq. What makes him happy. Lots of things do. They do change day to day. Everyday is different on what makes him happy. One day it may be honey buns. The next honey buns will make a huge meltdown. Then you add in the different personalities. Their happiness is completely different from Zeqs. So at any given point on any given day it is different from 5 mins prior.

Disabilities take things from you. Whether it be mobility, speach, or sanity. Disability in a sense take away ones happiness, only for a brief moment. Because then these amazing people find happiness in what some see as hell.

For Zeq his true one happiness is comfort. Comfort?! Yes comfort. Comfort comes in many forms for him. His home. His shorts. His bedroom. If he is home and in shorts he is truly happy. Because his happiness isnt money, cool phones, fancy shoes, trivial things. Just being somewhere he feels safe is his happiness.

Alot of people need the newest phone, latest shoes, that exclusive toy because that is what will make them happy.

People, kids and adult who are disable are just happy to wake up and not feel sick, or to have a doctors appointment and not have to give blood. Or like Zeq to wake up and feel safe because he knows he can have tea, or wear shorts.

We as able bodied people, I think somedays take advantage of the little things day to day. Little things that mean the most to others we tend to find unimportant. We could learn a lot from people like Zeq, we could be humbled by the thought of something being perfect even though it is full of flaws. His disability has given the ability to be thankful for lifes smallest things.

What were you thankful for today. Did you smile and write your page.

I am thankful today for Zeq being excited to show me something on a game. I smiled at watching him do something on his game and thinking man he is really good at this stuff. We wrote our story as we do every day.

That makes me happy. If we dont tell our own story who will?

As always

Onward and upward

The little things in life…

I say it so often, but it is true. So we have had not the easiest of weeks. First no school on Monday.. and yesterday resulted in 2 hr delay. Well remember how I told you why I dont tell him the night before? So Tuesday morning he finds out delay.. the meltdown ensures.. why do we have to go? Its only a reward day.. still have to go. Well Tuesday was a frigid morning. So no way around it he had to wear pants.

Well pants are numb.. they are too tight.. they are too loose.. they are to much jeans??! They are not soft… these have a hole.. ok we get it pants suck!! No way around it. We just dont do well with pants.

45 minutes later he has pants on and off to school. School was fine it was a reward day, so he went to tech class. All was well in the world.

It was warmer today so shorts it was. Much better got out of the door and to school he went.

While at school every few months we clean their rooms, like open boxes and throw away trash when it comes to Zeq. So today I wasnt feeling the greatest so no better day than today. Went to work at it. Opening boxes that have been there since his birthday or Christmas and what not. Well get this done. After vacuuming and about to leave the room. I look and just smile. It’s the little things!!!

So as I look at his stuff and placement of where he has things. Makes me just smile. I have a pretty awesome kid. You know he is 14. Most 14 year olds, want to hang out with friends. Go to ball games alone. Stay the night at friends houses. Go to the mall. Some bad things here and there.

Not Zeq! He is perfectly happy being here. In his room with his things. Some his age, or even older may look at his room and think.. this room is weird. Why so much things. Random things. Well you know what this room is a perfect example of who Zeq is. He has collected all these things. It has taken him a long time. He cherishes gifts that people give him and he proudly displays them. He keeps all the cards, the little boxes, the “trash” as seen by others.

His stuff is not trash, it is not weird. He is not either. He is an amazing young man who truly perfectly imperfect. His room tells his story. In this room you will see the different personalities as well. You just have look. You will see Johnny and his innocence with all his stuffed animals. John with his OCD and perfect placement of items. Shadow with all his army trophies. Jeffery with all his loud posters and such. All of this combine with Zeqs love of electronics. All of this make Zeq who he is. As personalities come and evolve I am sure we will see more put into his room.

As I stood in his doorway and looked around I guess is hit me, that all these personalities that I hate to love, are him! Every ounce of him. I smiled knowing I have one pretty cool kid. Who currently is having his 8:20 hot chocolate. I am so proud of him. I am proud to know him. I am proud I am his mom.

Tomorrow will come and will go. We will have challenges and we will have victories. We will make the best of tomorrow..tomorrow.

How was your day? Were you thankful, did you smile, and did you write your page.

We did. I am thankful for Zeq! I smiled at his room. We wrote our chapter as we do everyday.

As always

Onward and upward

Interworkings of Zeq

The interworkings of Zeq well no one really knows. I think I know some days. But then some days I have not a clue in the world.

I know what he likes when it comes to buying him things. I know the shirts he needs to be comfortable. I know he has to wear “stretchy” shorts or pants. I know what kinds of shoes he needs. When it comes to the personalities I know them to some extent. I know who is here when they show up and I know how judge the situation. When meltdowns ensue I know when to bob and weave, or zig then zag.

When it comes to everyday life Zeq does keep me on my toes. Today there was no school. He would randomly come out of his room to tell me about his game. He would tell me all about making bunkers, setting up water stations… now mind you I have no clue in the world what the heck he is talking about. But I listen intently and tell him how cool it is. Then off he goes. Other times he would come and tell me about a fan under his desk and maybe he should put it in his window and blow all the air out of his room. I tell him probably not a good idea being it is only 5 degrees outside. He takes that answer and goes about his day. Earlier this evening he came down and ask if he could have cake for snack tonight.. side story I baked a cake and today there were two pieces left. Rylee had one, and he has been very worried all day if it would be there this evening. So he came and ask. I assured him it would be his. All is good.

He then comes back down, says mom can I have that cake at 9 o’clock?!?! Yes not a problem.. he proceeds I’m going to have hot chocolate tonight. Yes, yes I know you are.. you have had it every day going on 3 weeks. But it wasnt just he was having hot chocolate. But he needed it at 8:20. Exactly 8:20. Over and over he tells me. He needs hot chocolate at 8:20 and his cake at 9. No sooner, no later. This conversation went on for about 10 mins straight and I assured him multiple times he could have them at those times. Finally happy with the answers he went on with his day.

It makes you think. The interworkings of his brain. Somethings consume him so much that he can not do anything else. It over takes everything else. It happens a lot not just today, but at some point in his every day. Like my watch that he wears to school he makes sure he knows where it is atleast 5 times. Tonight he ask about a power bank getting charged for the last hour.

There is a 2hr delay tomorrow. But he does not know it yet. Because if he did it would overtake everything then it would turn into why do we even have to go. It would be bad. We have to pick our battles when it comes to changes in routine. We choose to not rock the boat with things that arent important.

I wish I knew the interworkings of his brain. Or maybe I don’t?!?! Its always an adventure with him for sure. The things that may come out of his mouth at any given time would amaze you. It makes me laugh a lot. Sometimes I am dumbfounded. Either way it is interesting to say the least.

We wont ever have all the correct answers but we wont always have the wrong answers either. We will make our way through this journey together. Always learning something new. Maybe helping someone else, maybe teaching someone something new. That’s what our purpose is. Zeqs purpose is to teach everyone something that they may never know they needed to learn.

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go just like today. What you do with your days is what will make you who you are. Did you laugh and smile? Were you thankful? Did you write your page in your story?! We did. I am thankful for having a piece of cake for him at 9 on the dot. I smiled at having to have hot chocolate at 8:20. We write our story everyday. I will continue writing it so everyone knows what kind of amazing person he is. Maybe one day it will be put into a book. One day?!?! Why not. We can do anything we put our mind to. He has a story to be told. So I will be his voice in telling it.

As always

Onward and upward

Schedules, lamps, saturdays

So this week has been a little iffy for Zeq. It all started because of the change in his routine, when new classes began.

Routine changes are not fun. The abrupt change is never welcomed. It isnt something that is taken lightly. It throws wrenches throughout his brain. It struggles to keep up, as well as to know where to go next.

So with 2 new classes some would say oh well he has 7 regular ones at their regular times. But just think every morning you probably wake up, turn your alarm off, go to the restroom and so on. So what would it do to you if you hear your alarm but it is a new clock that you have no idea how to turn off.. you spend 3 mins trying to figure it out.. how does that make you feel? Irratable? You struggle. So now you have the alarm shut off… annoyed, frusterated, you go to the next task that is in your “routine” only to find that there was a water break.. no water no restroom, no teeth brushing, no steaming cup of coffee. Now how do you feel?!?! Even more annoyed, and you feel like your day is ruined, and you just woke up. You feel this way because your whole day is thrown off. But guess what you wake up the next day, turn the alarm off first time and alas you have water. So all is well again right?

Well it’s not that easy for Zeq. That is how Zeq feels for months after a routine break. It’s not as easy for his brain to retrain. His brain is programmed to the same path, same steps, using same soap, wear same shorts. The repetition of these tasks everyday is what he knows. So changing 2 classes, is way bigger to him than anyone will ever know.

So this week along has done that, then it threw in an early dismissal in which he could not figure out why he had to go at all. Alone this early dismissal made him upset. But also did you know in middle school he eats lunch on early dismissal at 9 am?! Yep so then theres that. He eats lunch at 12:30 because that’s the time he is supposed to. That’s when hes brain says it is time.

Was he happy to get out early ofcourse but when he got home he wasnt sure if it was time to eat lunch, have snack, or if it would be dinner time soon. Or even if he was even hungry yet. Because hunger to him is a certain time. Not a certain feeling. Our brains tell us we are hungry. His brain looks for a clock to eat.

He made it through the week, even went to goodwill and found a lamp. He is so excited about this lamp. He has came down multiple times to tell us how cool it is, and we have seen it several times, because he would say do you want to see it.

The personalities have came and went. Alot! While in car after school Jeffrey broke out into song and dance. John came with lots and lots of frustrations. Johnny came very regularly. He even to the point openly wanted to leave his room for a few moments. It has been a very up and down few days. We made it through. We made it to his favorite day of the week. There is no school on monday, hopefully after we can work on getting his routine more stable. I believe when he is so overwhelmed, and doesnt feel stable, his other personalities probably feel the same. They try and overcompensate to find some what of stability.

His stability for now is hot chocolate at 8:30. Hey we will take it.

Tomorrow will come we will make it the best we can. We will continue to write our story. We will live this craziness we call life. We wont do it is beautifully, but we will keep making our life as beautiful as we can.

Did you write your chapter today? Did you smile, were you thankful?

We wrote ours, I have smiled about this lamp(he needs 2 more he says) I was thankful and am thankful that I am his mom and that I get to learn from him every day.

As we always say

Onward and upward

On side note, we have began buying crafts for our elves next year. If anyone has any ideas or would like to see a certain craft. Please feel free to let me know. It takes a lot of planning and gathering to make it possible.

Let’s change it up…

Let’s change it up… lets not I say. That’s what today was about for Zeq. Going to school he went in to a new 9 weeks. In turn means new changes to his schedule.

He hates the change. It derails his routine. So he goes in. He has gym.. he is ok with gym. But then he gets art.. ok we can do art.. on second thought we can’t do art. All because he has the same teacher he had art with last year. Shes a nice teacher, a good teacher. She knows Zeq so that is a plus for me atleast. But the problem is last year when they were sure what classes to put him in the gave him art.. then when 9 weeks changed, gave him art yet again.. same teacher, learning exactly same thing. So we make through that to the next 9 weeks gets schedule. Same art, same teacher, same lesson. 3 times last year. So this year he again has art with the same teacher.

He is very upset by this. So will take an adjustment. Not only did he lose his woodshop class that he loved it was replaced by art which he does not like let alone love.

Today was just bad from the start. First schedule, then his special education teacher who also co teaches all of his regular classes he goes to, was not there. So he had a sub, he did not like. It threw his day even more off. Then we go to his last class of the day. No real class. People came from the high school to talk with everyone. Tell them about the schedule and how it works.

Well let me say, classes are going to be 90mins in high school. Even and odd days for classes. He already is like nope not happening. It consumed him. It made him worry about something we dont need to just yet. He still has the rest 8th grade.

This was our conversation after school. Which in turn the anxiety brought personalities out to visit. Johnny came several times this even as well as John. You know I never said hey I know this or that about any of this he goes through. We are learning this together. I do a lot of research, reading, asking questions. Today I guess watching the anxiety over something that is not in the nearest of futures like high school, and then Johnny coming several times. Maybe since Zeq doesnt understand, or is worried about it. Maybe it puts his defense down because he is so distraught by all of it, it is easier for personalities to come out? I don’t know really. But I know by going to school today, in one short day all the work we have done to get back on routine from Christmas was set back by school today. Is it frustrating of course. Is it more frustrating for Zeq absolutely. I just wish there was more planning that went into things like this. All disabled people are different. If you are in a wheelchair, they place ramps. If you need oxygen they provide it. But what about Zeq? Just because his disability doesnt need physical assistance, why is something not in place for autistic kids, or multiple personalities?! I guess always been a question. Maybe now I’ll take upon myself to find the answers. Because everyone who needs the extra help should receive it.

Sorry about the rant… onto the rest of our day. We now eat cinnamon toast crunch, still drinking nightly hot chocolate for now. Switched up the snack it is now 2 honey buns… in which he only eats one.. but needs 2. Hey whatever floats his boat.

Tomorrow is a new day which will have it’s on challenges. How we handle these challenges make us who we are. We will tackle tomorrow when tomorrow comes. We will do it our way, that’s the only way we know how. Maybe tomorrow we can be someone’s voice who doesnt have one.

How was your day, did you write your chapter? We did. A few pages of our adventure. I smiled at the 100th time this week being ask mom can I have hot chocolate at 8:30.(has to be at 8:30, why? Not a clue) I was thankful today for being able to just listen to his worries. No I have no idea what’s going on in his head. But it wasnt about me knowing, it was that I took the time to listen. Were you thankful?! Did you smile or make someone else smile?

If you didnt you can change that, only you can.

As always

Onward and upward

Sunday funday….

Well it is Sunday, the least liked day of the week. All because tomorrow is back to school… boo.. with the snow that fell the questions began. Think there will be school tomorrow. Yes there will be school tomorrow. This week is a shortened week. By half a day but nonetheless shortened. Which as well caused questions. Can we skip Friday. No no you can not. Why?! Because you cant. Added bonus there is no school next monday so something to look forward too. Hey we will take it.

Today was our nephews bday party. So Zeq had to leave the house. Ofcourse it snowed which came with other obstacles. Pants… nope not today. He said he wanted to wear shorts. I said ok. There is no need to cause a fight. He went from warm house to warm car, to warm house. So I didnt see a point to add to the already heightened agitation. Even though he likes to go to bday parties and see sweetie pie still means he has to leave his house.. which automatically turns the anxiety on.

Putting on a shirt, socks, shoes, a sweater was enough already. So shorts it was. Then we were on our way. He played fortnite and told his uncle all about fallout. He got 10 dollars which he added to his tv fund. He is up to 90 dollars.

The whole way there and back he talked and talked. Told us how he wants to go to goodwill and buy 2 identical lamps. He wants to put them on each side of his tv when he gets it. He also told us he wants some shelves to put his consoles on. Or another coffee table. As if one is just not enough. In his mind he sees just exactly how he wants it. I just wish I could see it. So I knew.

After getting home I informed him he had to get a haircut. It’s been overdue for 2 weeks now. He said are you sure you dont want to wait til tomorrow. I assured him I did not. So he got it cut reluctantly but cut. Win for us.

He is having his nightly hot chocolate and hershey kisses. This is the routine. How long will it last? We are still on chocolate donuts as of today too. Johnny came today and played with the kitty kitty kitty. John made his presence known when I told him he had to put clothes on. It infuriated him and he said for a good half an hour. When he left it was as if I never had the conversation with Zeq. Because I handed him a shirt and he said where are we going. So I went through the whole discussion again, and he was a ok with it this time around.

Somedays are easier than others. Somedays you have to have the same conversations more than 10 times. Really depends on who is here at that moment.

Tomorrow will come, and there should be school. We will tackle tomorrow, tomorrow. We cant do anything about tomorrow today. Today we wrote our chapter. We were thankful for small victories in form of a haircut. I smiled when he told me why he needed 2 lamps.

How did your day go? Did you smile? Were you thankful? How is your chapters going?

As always

Onward and upward

Saturdays are life…

We made it through first offical week of school being back in. Had a delay one day which resulted in a bit of a meltdown, a long with the why cant we just skip we wont be doing anything anyways.

In past few days we have had many personalities come and go. The shadow guy has shown up every day which is a little odd, he is usually off and on here and there. Not necessarily an everyday regular. But he doesnt bother anyone. He shoots his guns, commands his troops and goes about his day. John has came with his OCD ways, cleaning here and there grumbling under his breath. Frustration comes along with John. I’m not completely sure why but it does. Johnny the most regular came today as he always shows up in each day. Talking to the mommy kitty or upset because he is hungry right now! Not later like wither away hungry right now. The always favorite Jeffrey hey man, like totally man came and went today with little disruption.

What can I say you ever want some good ole entertainment come hang out with us for a few minutes.

Things that also have came and left food!!! You know we are used to changes in foods. They last a week maybe two.. then meltdown, and new food. Got it.. no problem.. have done it for years. But recently it has been eat this for two days, then completely done with it. But to point sometimes he doesnt even remember he even ate it two days prior.. or that he ask for it, and that’s the only reason it was purchased. We are back again with hot chocolate and Hershey kisses only at bed time. It went away for few days. Breakfast has went from cereal to now chocolate donuts. Dinner we are back to potatoes… of all shapes. French fries.. with salt… not just salt.. but salt as in a salt block salt. Snack through the day.. well I dont know.. because last few days.. he hasnt ask for one.. or ate one.. at all… abnormal to say the least.

So new challenges everyday. We work through them. We do the best we can. Everyday will be a new day. We will tackle each day as it’s own.

Todays been very withdrawn. Tomorrow could be talk our ears off. Or it could be a complete disaster. We will learn about it tomorrow. We will write that page when it comes.

But as for today… its Saturday the best day of his week. He doesnt( and didn’t) leave his room all day. In turn means he was naked belly, no pants, no school. In his mind no worries. He has yet to get his haircut. We will try that battle tomorrow.

I am thankful for it being Saturday today. The day he can just be his comfortable self. I smiled because he asked me for the millionth time if I put double salt on his fries. Today we wrote our chapter. Did you? Were you thankful? Did you smile, and give a smile today?

Todays the perfect day to start all of that if you haven’t already. Because tomorrow is coming, so why not start today.

As always

Onward and upward

Frames, snow, coffee

Half way through the week. The first full week back.

This week so far. Food options at this point are up for grabs. We no longer are asking for hot chocolate. He requested honey nut cherrios?!?! No danishes, not fond of hot dogs. His snack of choice is Hershey kisses and for breakfast we are eating the new hostess powder sugar donuts. It’s a game of roulette every day at this point.

He now wears a watch to school. He got a fallout watch for Christmas and loved it(oddly) we figured it would be added to his collection but he decided to wear it. Well it got scratched so he doesnt want to ruin it. Good theory. I told him it would be ok. But to no avail he didnt want to. So I got one of my watches and ask if he wanted to wear it. He did, he thought was coolest. He ask if he could wear it every day. Why sure. Win for him, lost for me, now I need another watch. Hey as long as it helps the school day.

After school his behavior chart was ok. One teacher excellent day, the next class said was sluggish and withdrawn. I can only chaulk it up to probably 2 different personalities. Either way we made it through the day. He was excited afterschool. During school after he finished his birdhouse he started a picture frame project. He had to cut and weld pieces of cooper to complete this. He took a picture to school with him to go in it. Well today he got to bring it home. He was proud of it. He told me all about it .

On way home. He was talking. Kinda like the other day. About this and that. We drove by the mtec school and there was a playground outside it. Toddler playground. He said why is that there(mind you I just thought the same thing) i said well maybe they have a child care class. He said they probably do.. he said there is this one hallway that has ABC’s and 123s you know little baby things. I chuckled. Because that is what he associates ABC’s with apparently.

Continued on way, we were all talking about coffee, and Starbucks. Zeq says i liked coffee once, used to drink it often. But now I’m a sweet tea person these days. I laughed out loud. He went back to watching his phone. All the sudden he says crap..I forgot to close window. I look back to his seat and say it is up. He said no.. my room you let me open it for a minute and I never closed it.(20 hours later we remember) Personalities came quick but didnt stay long on the ride. Henry came some this afternoon. This evening he has been quite withdrawn from everyone and everything. Not even talking while playing his game.

Our days are never dull by far. We dont know what food he is eating from day to day, or even what he or any of his personalities will say. It is interesting to say the least.

He is hoping for a snow day tomorrow. We said theres probably going to be school. He said well you never know. You know what.. hes right.. you never know.

What I do know I we wrote our chapter today, I left several times at his conversations, and I am thankful I had a watch that was cool. I am thankful he was so excited about the picture frame and that he was proud of himself. I am very proud of him always and I think his frame is awesome.

Tomorrow will come whether it is a snow day, or not. What will you do with your day. Will you sit around and let is pass you by?! Or will you smile? Be thankful for little things? Write your chapter? I hope you do, I know we will. We will make our day the best it can be.

Until then

As always

Onward and upward

Life is a highway…

Title just happens to describe our life, and happen to be my favorite song ever.

First full week of school since break is upon us. It is daunting for sure, and today is only Monday.

This morning was full of I dont want to get ups.. treats of earlier bedtimes. Then came breakfast and cinnamon rolls.. well these cinnamon have to much icing(was unaware that was even possible.) But indeed they did. As he says why would someone want that much icing. On to school, whew. His behavior report was good, and had no homework. Small victories we will take it.

The ride home from school he was talking about a mile a minute. I tried to get keep up. But the topics came even faster. It was one second mama did you have to use your navigation to get to sweetie pies? Umm you have never called me mama.. and I asked when she moved. He said yea as if I asked the dumbest question. Before I could answer we were onto the next subject.

It was about when he took the trip to the university, he had to go into a parking lot to pick someone up. I said that’s weird. Again looks at me as if I should have already known that answer. I dont say anything. Continuing on.. mind you the drive home is about 10 mins. He says hey mom, yea buddy. They made me go to journalism…?!?! Huh?!?! I clearly wrote down engineering (now racking my brain to think of what he could be talking about) I said ok. He said that lady said I wasnt on the list. I said ok but journalists are pretty interesting. He said no I wrote down engineering, you know so could work on cars. Do you mean mechanic?!?! No engineering but they clearly misplaced the correct list(his words) I said that’s ok. Mind you I have not one clue in the world what he is talking about.. all I know it isnt Zeq. Then he stops for a second.

He says next shoot mom, ok?! What’s up. Zeq(its him) starts telling me about a YouTuber he watches he forgot to watch his new video. Then.. we make it home. All this in a matter of minutes. I swear his brain and personalities run rampant most days. This isnt our normal after school banter. So I knew something was up. Either way it made me laugh, and also very confused to say the least.

This evening, we dont necessarily have new foods but we are loosing them quicker than we are gaining. We have lost danish, reese, blue doritos, cinnamon rolls. We have gained in the last two days the need to have a cup of hot chocolate right before bed. As well as tonight’s snack of choice hershey kisses. Good thing we have backup stock of things.

We had Johnny, John, and the new college going guy today. Nothing out of the normal. We had anger, laughter, super excitement. You know our normal rollercoaster of personalities and emotions.

You know just a normal day in our craziness of life, and its only monday. We definitely do not live a dull life. It’s not rainbows and sunshine every day but it most certainly is ours. We live it the best we know how.

Tomorrow will come and go just the same as today. May be excitement filled, or it may be withdrawn and quiet. We wont know until it comes. Either way it will be ours to make of it what we wish. Today we wrote our chapter, I laughed at engineering vs journalism. I am thankful I had stock in hot chocolate and hershey kisses, because it avoided a meltdown.

Were you thankful, did you find your reason to smile. Did you write your chapter no matter if it was boring, spontaneous or like ours a craziness.

You can choose to live your life following all the rules and maybe not smiling much or choose to make your own rules and not only smile a lot, but make someone else smile along the way…

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward