Countdown is on

We waited months for the countdown for Christmas break to begin. Well this will begin the not so fun countdown of do I have to go back to school?! Yep you do. We have been forewarning him that next Thursday he has school. He is not so happy about it. He thought he went back on Friday.

The other day officially began we have an Easter break right? Is it a week long? I always tell him we will worry about it when it gets closer.

That’s the thing about Zeq he does worry about it. He wonders about it. That is all he knows. It is the continual knowing, and planning of when this or that will be. Because although may seem like he may be going crazy by asking everyday when this is or that is.. he really isn’t. It actually gives him a stability that some dont even understand. Because to everyone else it looks like pure chaos or atleast sounds like it when he is asking about Easter break during Christmas break. It’s really not.. well by all means we live a chaotic crazy life.. but that question is the least of our worries. You see in his mind he just needs all his ducks in a row. For me picturing his mind I can only imagine a hundred ducks running all of the place at all times. Blue ones, yellow ones. Just ducks everywhere.

I dont need to understand it by any means, because the truth is, it doesnt need to make any sense to anyone. But it makes perfect sense to him.

So you may see or hear crazy countdowns, that seem simple or odd. But to him it is his life. The only way he knows to live his life. So he may repeat it day after day until the actual day comes. But that’s how he has to do it to keep himself atleast a tiny bit sane, in his not so sane mind.

Tomorrow will come and go, another day closer to Easter break, but sadly another day closer to back to school for him. What you do with your days is yours. We chase ducks all day to line them up to only find them running all over the place. But it’s our day non the less. We will continue on with our craziness, we will smile knowing Easter in April and we are counting down already. We will be thankful that have a few more days left of this break. Most of all we will continue writing the chapters in our book. Did you write yours, did you find your smile. Did your ducks all line up? If they didn’t or you didnt. It is ok, because tomorrow is a new day and another chance.

Until then as always

Onward and upward

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