For today..

For today we eat spaghetti, and chocolate chip pancakes. Tomorrow will it be the same way? No idea but for today we do.

Today Zeq is saving his money he wants to buy a new tv. No there is nothing wrong with his. But he wants a separate one for each system. So for today he is going to save his money. Will that change tomorrow it may.. or may not.

Today his favorite game is fallout. Tomorrow he may get mad at it and say he is never playing it again, only to a few hours later it be his favorite yet again.

People tend to forget or lose track of today. Their today can be just mundane or the worst day ever. You will always hear about the worst day, but only a few sentences about the best day. Our today can change with the blink of an eye without any indication whatsoever.

Foods, games, places, may be a favorite one second to Zeq but to John, or Henry can be the worst thing in the world.

For today, we are thankful that he is eating something. Smiling because he still loves his game. Because tomorrow isnt promised to be so great. Today is what you make of it. What did you make of your today? Were there smiles and laughter. If not today it is ok, but what about tomorrow. What we do today, helps tomorrow. So for today just like Zeq be happy about plates of spaghetti and chocolate chip pancakes. Because tomorrow it may be pork chops and a visit from Henry.

Tomorrow will be here before you know it. Today will come to an end. After it ends you cant change what is already wrote. You cant change the path that was already walked. But you can make the path different for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new adventure just waiting to be taken. Where will Zeqs adventure take him, no one knows. I know it will involve games and projectors for sure. Other than that we will just have to wait til tomorrow is here. We will wait to see what is in store for us.

As always

Onward and upward

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