Santa’d up…

We came we saw we Christmased…

Did we do how others do? Nope. did we do it gracefully? Again nope. Did we do it it without personalities. Yet again nope. Did we do it our way?!?! Absolutely!!! We made a mess, unwrapped gifts, melted down, napped, ate, and played.

Zeq did not sleep well last night assuming because of excitement. He was awake and ready for Santas presents early this morning. He was ready to go. Johnny came this morning a few times. We expected he would just for the fact of all the excitement. He came and went. Medicine and breakfast then presents.

Our elves brought them a together gift that contained board games and DVDs. Things we can do together. Then onto santas loot. Paper flying oohs and ahhs. Last but not least he got his fallout 76. The one and only thing he has been waiting for.

Now time for the hooking up of the xbox and game. Here’s where the story gets not so graceful. Get hooked up, user name in place, now for the game to download. One thing some dont understand about autistic children is that they theirselves dont understand. They cant figure out why everything has to download, update, reset etc.. he was so exhausted from the thought of Christmas that he took a nap. You read that right he took a nap. Not a long one. We he got up still not ready so he bacame agitated. He didnt know why it was taking so long. So atlas 5 hours later he is all connected, updated and happily playing his game.

Tonight was bitter sweet for us. No more elf projects but we completed the countdown to Christmas so it makes us smile. We didnt miss a one. Did all 45. But when it was time to do it tonight. There was none. 😦 As well as we said goodbye to our elves. They were allowed to hug them and kiss them goodbye. People may think it is weird or odd, but they are a part of our family. They are little things that keep the gleam in their eyes, gives them a purpose, gives them smiles. Most of all gives us memories and the time to change someone’s day. Whether it is our day, someone who is reading this day, or someone who looks at all our pictures day. So it is sad to see them go back to the north pole.

We made it through the day not anyone’s way but our own. For now everyone is happily playing with their things. Zeq is Zeq at the moment and excitedly showing me all the things in his game. Even though I have no clue what is going on, he doesnt care. For him it is me sitting here watching it.

But tomorrow is a new day with new adventures. I am thankful for the time with my family, I smiled at the day in general. How did you celebrate? Did you smile lots?! Did you show or tell someone how thankful you were?!

As we always say..

Onward and upward

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!