Christmas eve

Christmas eve is here.. it’s a sad and happy day! Happy because the time has came for Santa to come. Sad because all the elves projects are finished, the advents have been completed and the elves will soon make their way back to the north pole.

The elves brought a card, with jobs to do, put out cookies, spread reindeer food, check the mail, then a bag contained something for bedtime. Zeq got a dog stuffed animals. In the mailbox was letters from Santa containing magic snow, snowflake ornament and each a letter. Zeq gets so extremely excited for these letters every year. He has everyone santa has ever wrote him along with the enevelope as well.

Tomorrow presents will be unwrapped, paper will fly, elves will watch and we will spend time with our kids.

Zeq is so excited, he says he is going to bed so Santa can come. He told Rylee and Hayden they should too so he doesnt miss our house because he could come at any time now. The innocence of his thoughts. It is pure bliss to watch the excitement grow.

Just because our elves projects will come to an end doesnt mean our day to day will. They will still be projects, there will be personalities come and go, they will be funny stories and so forth.

Today I am thankful, grateful, and appreciative for the elves and the projects they brought, the memories we gained from them. I smiled watching the letters being read, the food being spread and the excitement on his face.

I hope you and your family smiled, laughed and were thankful today as much as we were.

Tomorrow will be here before you know, santa will come and laughs and smiles will be shared.

Until tomorrow

As always onward and upward

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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