Clean rooms and sweetie pies

Didnt get to blog last night because phone went dead after pictures from the project. But last night we got lego trains to build, tonight they brought picture props and coloring pages. Tomorrow night is the last night of them. Makes us sad. Yes we could do them every single day. One day that is my goal. But it would quite be the same, because for him the elves bring them special and it is the countdown for him.

Zeq gets very upset when the elves leave. He waits all year for this month, but also doesnt understand when Christmas is over. So it is a great week, then turns bad. He doesnt understand they come back. They make special appearances through the year as well.

Personalities have came quickly and rapidly between yesterday and today. Its the week, and we know it. We try to do our best but most days it is inevitable that it will change rapidly.

Today has been a day he has been waiting on for sometime. Our Christmas dinner at sweetie pies! He has waited weeks for it. He has ask everyday what day is it. Well it was today and he was over the moon. He took his newest laptops with him because pap pap is going to look at it for him. We ate, and ate and ate some more. Opened our presents and just visited. Was a good time. Zeq didnt want to leave. But we made it home, bathed and elf. A good day.

Just because we have 100s of moods swings, personalities that come and go very often. That doesnt mean we automatically have bad days. We make the best of every day we are given. We weren’t dealt the best hand in life. But that also doesnt mean we are going to lose because of it. We are winners everyday in some way or another.

That’s what we make of our life. We write our own story everyday, we make memories, we smile and we are thankful. Today we are thankful that we were able to spend time with our family. Smiled because of how excited our kids were.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance to write your story. Are you willing to take that chance and write your story? Did you find your smile and be thankful for something today?

Tomorrow will be here before you know it..

As always

Onward and upward

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