Seek n find

Tonight our elves brought us some seek n find Christmas books. They were fun. Zeq seemed to like them. We did our advents as well.

New set of questions have arrived since it is no longer needed to know if can skip school. Now it is what day is it? How many days til Christmas? This afternoon getting close to dinner time. He comes down and says what’s for supper. I say as I always do whatever I make. I do this because if you tell him what you are making if it doesnt sound right, it can cause an instant meltdown. So I learned years ago the only answer is whatever I make. Sometimes this gets a smaller argument but it is much better this way. Well same speal tonight he says but I want to know. I answered same way. Well he looks at me and says I hope it is something tasty… and walks away.. made me laugh but think… I dont know what is tasty to him.. or all of his personalities.. but it did make me laugh.

You know you go to make dinner without a second thought. You make it and everyone sits down and eats. I envy those people.. having a tasty dinner. I have no idea from day to day what Zeq feels is tasty, or even what he may eat. The littlest of things are a challange. But it is ok, it is what makes our story interesting.

Today I am thankful he ate without meltdown. I smiled at his make something tasty comment.

Tomorrow will be a new adventure, with new memories. One day closer to Christmas for him. Did you write your chapter today? Did you smile? Did you find things to be thankful for and not get caught up in the craziness of the season. I hope so. Because tomorrow will come ready or not. Take your time enjoy your day. Find your smile tomorrow if you didnt today.

Until then

As always

Onward and upward

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