Dinosaurs and skip days

Needless to say Zeq is overly happy it is break. Theres no need to put a shirt on, no need at moment to leave his room other than for a drink, food, bathroom and ofcourse the elf.

Tonight the elves brought us another treasure chest. So that alone was worth everything. He dug, and got 3 dinosaur fossils. The digging projects are among the favorite in the house for everyone.

Today being no school, doesnt necessarily mean it was an easy day, better day yes.. but personality wise still struggle. John came quite often this afternoon the excitement that is drawing closer is making him come more often, Zeqs focus is all over the place. One minute talking about Santa, to the next about airplanes. Then Johnny comes and shakes it up a bit more. Jeffrey came after the elf. He apparently likes the green dish soap and is smells trippy.. what the heck does trippy smell like? I dont know but it just smells like soap to me. He came and ofcourse Zeqs medicine is nothing but a bunch of pharmaceutical chemicals.. well you have a point Jeffrey but sadly for all parties involved Zeq needs them. Without them functioning is not possible.

Glazed donuts have made their way back around into the rotation. We will see how long they last this go around.

But for now we will be thankful that it is another food group other than potatoes. As much as I would like to forget he has multiple personalities Jeffrey and the trippy soap made me smile.

Did you smile today? What are you thankful for? Tomorrow will come, and it will be another adventure. May not be what most think of as an adventure. I’m telling you though it is. It is a journey filled with all sorts of craziness. But it’s a good journey. It’s our life. We will continue to live from the next tomorrow to the next.

Until then

As always

Onward and upward