Tonight the elves brought us a ceramic ornament to paint. Zeq picked a snowman. We did our advents and we ate… of all things… tater tots. He is on a potatoes kick for sure.

They have a half of day of school left then break. The day he has been waiting on since August. The questions have ramped up. Mom please, if I don’t ask anymore, even to rylee, rylee if you be good maybe mom will let us stay home. We are!!! But they dont know that. So it will be a surprise for them. By the time we get them there, it is time to turn around and go pick them up.

Today after school Zeq didnt talk at all. Instead he fired his gun(no gun was in car) out the window urging his troops to fall back and take cover. So I knew shadow was there. He did this all the way home. After being home a few came down and got some tea and Zeq was back.

This afternoon we had our monthly home visit with one of his team. He came down she said hi he said hello. Began talking about pepperoni for snack I told him dinner would be soon. He didnt like that much. He turned around and says I’m gonna go back upstairs.. if you were here you would have laughed as much as I did. She said bye he continued on his way. Wrapping up the home visit he came back laying at top of steps she said hey Zeq you want to sign your paper, he said no… so knowing fully well who is at top of steps she says does Johnny want to sign, if you could have seen look on his face it was kinda like …. she knows my name… either way neither one signed the paper. I never address them by name, other than if he says I’m not Zeq, but I usually still say Zeq. So tonight it was like hey they know who’s here kinda thing.

During elf project out of the blue Zeq says mom I should have made a little wreath to hang on the door, with Christmas lights, and had windows??? He said that would have looked nice huh? Huh? Racking my brain what could he be talking about.. he continues I’m still trying to figure it out. He said it could have been a gingerbread birdhouse…. ooooh yes it could have been. He was telling me he should have thought of it before building it. Then just like that back to painting and talking about a game.

You see even if you dont know what he is talking about it is ok. It is just the fact of having someone there to listen when he is talking. I rarely have any clue when things come out of the blue(most of time) it more that I listen.

You dont have to have any clue about something but can make a persons day that much better by having to time to listen.

Tomorrow will come and go just like today. What we do with tomorrow will determine how our day goes. We can do nothing and let life pass by quickly or we can do something and watch time slow, watch memories be made. It’s how you make your day. Because it is yours. Make the best out of bad situations. We do it everyday. But end of each day… it’s just a chapter in our book. Did you write your? Did you smile and be thankful? Today I am thankful that tomorrow I wont be ask anymore for 2 weeks to skip school. I smiled at Zeq and his “I’m going to go back upstairs ”

Tomorrows your day… live it..

As always

Onward and upward

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