Bird houses, Christmas concerts, coloring

The title sums up our day in a nutshell. Today was Rylee and Haydens Christmas concerts, the elves brought us coloring pages and Zeq got to bring home his bird house he made in shop class.

Some days are filled with things to do, and others are hectic and filled with things to do. But we manage. We have three kids, just because one is disabled does not mean we stop. We live our life from the time we open our eyes, until it is time for bed.

Today was just a day, it had a lot of things in it. But we got them all done.

Personalities have came and gone, the same as they do everyday. We were visited by Johnny a couple times here and there. John came this evening. He is happy, angry, sad, then to happy again. Nothing out of the blue for our day.

Onto this birdhouse. So in building class aka woodshop Zeq got to make this birdhouse. He has told me about it everyday since he started. Telling me how huge it was. How many boards it took etc.. so in my mind how am I going to fit this in the car?!?! We then 9 weeks switched he moved on to shop class where he is cutting and soldering. I have ask about the birdhouse off and on. He told me the other day it was being stained. Well todays the day he is getting to bring it home. So oh man how is this going to fit into the car. Go into school and he comes out holding his birdhouse.. it’s normal size.. I chuckled to myself. Here I am thinking this 9 foot tall bird house is coming home and it was just a regular one.

Goes to show you Zeqs perspective this bird house is huge, little things are gigantic. The smallest things really do mean the world to some people.

Did you smile today, were you thankful. I smiled about this birdhouse many times today. I am thankful that I am able to do Christmas concerts, elf projects with all of them. Tomorrow will soon be here ready or not it is coming. What you make of tomorrow is all yours.

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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