Submarine fizzers

Tonight the elves brought yellow egg fizzers.. when put in water they fizz away to reveal a submarine with two minions inside. We had chocolate candies and did advents as well.

Tonight while project was mom, we arent doing anything on Thursday can we pleeeeeeaaaaaasse skip. Nope you are going to school. Mind you it will all depend on what they are supposed to be doing on Thursday whether or not they go. But can not tell him, because then it will be well you let us skip Thursday so why not Wednesday.

John came a few times today, him and his grumpy self. On way home he was agitated about road work and people walking. I have no idea why. John usually is very mumbled when he speaks. He becomes very anger if you dont hear him and ask what?!. He also came a few times after getting home. For unknown reasons. Johnny came and went per the norm. Good ole Jeffrey came and his hey man, medicine is stupid man, man this man that. Oh Jeffrey how I have missed your presence. Henry showed up with a spot in his mouth.. a blister which has apparently been there for “over a year” that bothers him something fierce(his words not mine) hurts. There is nothing there. Henry wonders if the doctor can stick a needle in it and make it go away?!? Then moments later Zeq is back and just fine.

We went for the potatoes plate tonight, so we didnt rock the already unstable boat. Fries and tater tots to be on the safe side. We are getting to close to Christmas and it is becoming very rocky. It is better to be safe than sorry at this point. Anything and everything can set him off. We have been somewhat lucky with the weather so he has been able to wear shorts so that has been one less obstacle for us. But at this point, lights, people, food, personalities are giving him headaches. So anything we can do to lessen it the better.

We are almost there.. it will get somewhat easier after Christmas, but will be back to normal after winter is complete.

Life has a way of keeping you on your toes especially in our house. You know you go out to run errands, to work, maybe to eat or shop without a care in the world. But there are some that dont have that opportunity because their anxiety, or personalities keep them from going. So we cant just jump in car and go look at lights or run to the store. We have to explain the situation in shortened words that he can understand. All in hopes that a complete meltdown doesnt happen from the time we close the door until we get in our car. Yes we go places but those are routine places. Those are his paths he travels everyday. He make not like them but he has to do them to feel stable. So we cant just throw a new place in out of the blue. Because his mind or other personalities do not process things as fast as we do.

We do our best. We have a life to live as well. We may not get there like everyone else, but we still get there. We do the things everyone else does, just our own way. We like to be different.

Different is good thing, it makes us who we are. Our life makes us the people we are. You can choose your path and can to whatever way you choose. You just have to be brave enough to choose something different. Tomorrow is a new day, with new challenges, new adventures awaiting us. Today I am thankful we had fries and tater tots in the freezer, our millionth conversation about skipping school made me smile. Tomorrow I will write another chapter in our book. Did you smile today, and find something to be thankful for. I sure hope you did. Because life is meant to be lived, not watched.

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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