Tonight was cookie night. The elves brought 2 new cookie cutters. So they could make santas cookies for Christmas eve. We had sugar cookie dough, as well as ginger cookie dough. Zeq ask me if I thought Santa sometimes liked extra sweetness on his. I said I am sure he would love it. Because he put a lot of sprinkles on them. He did his advent. The treat was sugar cookie cracker jacks.. he did not want to try them.

It is the dreaded Sunday. You have to bath, and go to bed at bed time Sunday quite possibly the most hated day of week for Zeq. He knows he has school. In turn means he has to be woken up, he has to wear a shirt. HD has to wear not only socks but shoes as well. There is a possibility of pants as well. This Sunday is probably one of two bad sundays a year. The Sunday before school starting and the Sunday before Christmas break. The normal has occurred today… mom I dont want to go to school, it’s a short week mom, it’s almost Christmas mom… I know, I know, I know… and yes you have to go to school it is not an option what so ever.

Johnny came to play today a few times, with the kitties, and the mommy kitty. John made his presence known, by talking about how Zeq has his room, and how it is unacceptable. It is perfectly acceptable to Zeq and he also knows where every thing is.

He ate chicken tonight.. just chicken…only chicken.. then said he wanted more, followed by I’ll just wait.

I choose not to question much this days with foods. If we have it ok.. if we dont also ok.. I only hope from the time the personalities ask for it, until the time it is ate that a tornado doesnt ensue.

Did you find your smile today, did you find something to be thankful for, did you write the chapter in your book?!?!

We did. Zeqs innocence in wondering if Santa liked extra sweetness on his cookies made me smile. I am thankful to be able and do these projects with him. We wrote our chapter. Many times people tend to think oh I will get this or that tomorrow. I will do that tomorrow. I will do better tomorrow. But why?! Why not today. Why not do everything you want and can today? They say not enough time in the day. I dont know if I believe that. You can choose to challenge yourself everyday. Zeq wakes up challenged but at the end of the day, he conquers everything he chooses too. He lives a life of challenges, he has personalities that have their own challanges. But at the end of the day he gets whatever he wants done.

Tomorrow will be here before we know it, before we are ready for it. But it will come either way. Make your tomorrow yours. I know we will

Until then

As always

Onward and upward

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