Ornaments and carnival pops

Its Saturday so always Zeqs favorite day of the week. He doesnt have to wake up at a certain time, he doesnt have to go sit in school, he doesnt have to leave his room, most importantly he doesnt have to wear pants nor a shirt. So all together the day starts off on a better foot than most.

His day today he had a headache some of the day. He switched it up a bit and only ate pizza for every meal. As well as his blue doritos were the snack of choice.

Tonight’s project was ornaments to color, and treat was carnival pop suckers. Which were a very big hit. Zeq thought they were great. We did our advents. He was extremely excited because it was the Christmas tree lego.

This evening after he colored his ornament John came and he “needed” to get the marker off his hands. Even though there is hand soap at the kitchen sink, John only uses dish liquid. He got it off and was ok. Johnny came for one of his many regular daily visits. I actually cant remember a day that he has not shown up at some point or another.

Normal conversations were had, you know the daily countdown. The do we have to go to school monday. We only have a half day on Thursday can we just skip and start break early. Same answers nope, nada, and no. It didnt phase him, it is his routine conversation with my routine answers. We have the same speal every day without fail. But it’s ok, it’s his way of needing to know. It is my way of assuring at little bit of sanity for him.

We continue on our adventure, and we continue with our chapters of our book. We learn, we move at our own pace. We dont do this because we want to, we do this because we need too. Zeq wasnt born to do things the way everyone else does, or the way everyone wants him to. He was born to do great things, his way on his time and how he can do them. He was given to me because I needed to learn that life is wonderful if you choose to make it that way. That life can give you lemons and yes, yes can make more than just lemonade.

Tomorrow will come, tomorrow will go what you make of tomorrow will be yours! You can make it however good or bad you choose too. Take it from Zeq and make something new with lemons. Write your own chapter. Choose your own beginning. Find your reason to smile and be thankful. Today I am thankful for it being Saturday because Saturday is no pants and naked belly day.

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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