Bouncy meteorite

Tonight’s the elves brought make your own bouncy balls. They were meteorites. Pretty neat project. Each kit made two. Did the advents as well.

While doing the project we had the conversation with all the kids about doing something like a good samaritan. We talk about it often. This year we are each going to make a stocking for a veteran’s. We ask if they had any ideas. Zeq had two ideas. One was buy some dunkin donuts and put them at gas stations for people to have for free, his other idea was go to Walmart and place a trail of pennies on the floor leading them to subway where there would be sandwiches waiting for them. Two pretty cool ideas.

Nothing great or grand has to be done to make someone smile. It is the thought that goes into it. We try to teach all three of them that there are others that have far less and going through a lot more than we do.

Today Zeqs day was our normal. Johnny came for a bit. The cat bite him so he was upset about that. He became overly obsessed with quaters. Shadow man made his weekly appearance and sent his troops to where they needed to be. His dinner was no shocker french fries, he did eat a hamburger with it. We stopped and grabbed it. He only eats McDonalds cheese burgers plain.

We are on the count down full force. 4 school days.. and still the do I have to go? Are you sure? Yep I am very sure you do. He did not surprise me with a million lunchables, but blue doritos have made the come back… now to stock up.. and how long will they last.. your guess is as good as mine.

Life is what you make of it.. what did you make of yours today. Today he was actually able to sit and have a conversation more than about fans, guns and games. He did steer off track ofcourse. But we made it. We made it through the school week. You learn something valuable everyday, if you choose to partake in it. If you choose to see it and learn it.

Not everyday is pleasant but not everyday is bad. Today I am thankful he hate more than potatoes, today he is thankful for four quaters. Just because things are different for each person that they are thankful for doesnt make them any less valuable than the other.

Tomorrow will be a new day, a new day to learn, to smile, to be thankful, to just maybe to make someone elses day. We can do anything we want with a new day. Because it is a new chapter that you get to write the beginning, middle and end all how we want it wrote.

Until tomorrow as always

Onward and upward