This child!!!

So you wanna know how the day has went…. well he comes bee bopping out of school grinning ear ear to ear.. oh lordy… he has something.. and something is for sure.

He says mom you know those lunchables that rylee likes the nacho ones, yea I tell him.. he says mom my book bag is full of them. Why?!?! Oh why?!?!?! Open his book bag.. yep sure enough it is full. So we now have a fridge full of them. Will he eat them, nope he wont.. but he got them all… so now we have them all. You know incase the zombie apocalypse comes. We are ready!!

The thought process of him amazes me. It truly is the small things in life. I know I say it often. But it really is. He has that ability, that most do not. Do these simple things make me shake my head and laugh absolutely. But I mean who wouldnt get a chuckle out of a bag of applesauce, or a backpack filled with lunchables. The thought is purely genuine. That’s what amazes me the most. How one minute we can have John a very grumpy man, Jeffrey who is an annoying hippy, Johnny the new learning toddler. But then we have Zeq a genuine, kind hearted, “old soul”

This evening our elves brought us some diy snowflakes, we did our advents, and treat was gum drop bells(do not try) Zeq put a bell in his mouth and it was a no go. He had the normal of the week tater tots, and fries. It will change soon I am sure of it. We had talks of how soon til Christmas, about getting all the cords for the monitor, and the fact that’s there is only 5 school days left. In turn brought the do we really have to go. We wont be doing much anyways. Yes!! Yes you do have to school.

I’m sure tomorrow we will have exact same conversation with pretty much the same answers. It’s a normal for us. Most his conversations would make no sense to anyone. Unless you know him. But I understand or try to understand when he is talking about guns, cords, receivers. At the end of the day it would matter if I fully understood or not to him, just that I listened.

Tomorrow will come, it will go just like today. It’s what we make of the day. What we are thankful for, and what we can smile about. Today I am thankful that I have lots of lunchables, as well as it made me smile. It made it smile so big. So that alone is worth it.

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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