Reindeer food!!!!

Day 32 the elves brought us little cups, to make reindeer food. We had oats, glitter, nerds, and m & ms. By far this is probably one of Zeqs favorites. He stragically places, spoons, shakes and stirs. He always makes an extra container just incase they dont get enough. We had candy and did our advents as well. He liked the chocolate covered marshmallows a lot.

Todays behavior report, was much better. He had an issue with his lock on his locker but a teacher came to help. He tried 3 times with no avail. She helped him and all was well.

Tonight John came once briefly but only stay 10 mins. Johnny came off and on this evening but he is usually harmless.

We are back to just potatoes, so french fries and tater tots it was. We made it through dinner. No mention of smelly shorts, or pork chops.. so a win.

Today I picked him up a monitor for his tower. He was excited. We have to find all the cords for it. Which I am positive we have. He has around a billion odds and end cords. Probably way too many. But to each his own. They make him happy, they calm him. So who am I to say anything. One day he may need a mansion to put all of it in. But we will conquer that when it comes.

You see life can be great if you choose it to be. You can slow down. You can humble yourself over something so small as a stragically placed marshmallow in some reindeer food. Because that little thing of reindeer food was the highlight of his evening. He finds the joy in small things that others are to busy to even look at.

Tomorrow will be a new day, a new chapter. A chance to smile, be grateful, be thankful for. How you use your time is your decision.

Until then as always

Onward and upward