Picture frames, mentos, potatoes

Tonight we finally did our mento experiment. All enjoyed. The elves brought diy picture frames, we had hot choco candy canes(not that tasty) but everyone tried them. So score for us. Did our advents as well.

Today was an early dismissal from school. So it brought up why do we even have to go. After school it was do we have school tomorrow. What day is it.. monday.. darn.. 8 school days left until break.

The closer we get the more unstable it is. Anxiety flare ups. Personality after personality coming and going. We have crying, anger, frustration. All rolled in to a 100 pound ball of a kid. He doesnt understand it. We dont understand it either, but we atleast know it is coming. He doesnt. He doesnt have an recollection of every year at the same time this happens. It happens from oct-feb, end of school, then again end of summer. Nothing new to us. But for him he lives it every day not knowing what’s going on.

We have lost just about every food you can think of. We are now eating potatoes!!! Just potatoes. Hey atleast he ate quietly. Mashed potatoes.

Personalities have came and went today, we have had Johnny, John and briefly Henry.

We made it through today, and he ate dinner. That’s a good day in our book. No the rest of the day was not so pretty. But we are thankful for the peaceful moments. Thankful he ate dinner without a tsunami coming through.

Each day is about what you make of your day, each day is about choosing your battles. We choose ours, because he has no choice of his. I cant stop the consistent battle he deals with day in and day out. I can only be here to do whatever I can to make sure it is as ok as it can be.

Today we made it through, and tomorrow will come. Tomorrow is a new day a new chapter. A new day to make it the best we can, with what we have. We smiled, we laughed, we argued, we lived our life. Did you find something to smile about? Something to be thankful for?

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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