Villages, spaghetti

Missed a day, but the elves brought us, the infamous mentos experiment.. bought some 20oz cokes, only to find out you need 2 liter bottles if diet coke.. 🤦‍♀️ will be picking it up tomorrow after work. Tonight the elves brought some build your own snow globes and ornaments. We did advents as well.

Yesterday the village went up.. Zeq placed all the trees, benches and ofcourse the lamp posts. Then convinced me to give him a set of lights, because they were too short for the village.. but now he needs another so he can put them around his tv.

He also was dead set on trying out his new found projector.. guess what it works, he is thrilled.. but on flip side now wants everything taken off the wall he chose so he can see it better.

You see he always brings these treasures home, most have worked. But he has two tower desktops, in which he can not try because he doesnt have a monitor to try them on. Which in turn heightens all his anxiety because he doesnt understand why he cant just go get one. I try my best to explain but to no avail.

The past 48 hours have brought on a lot of personalities, rapidly. For whatever reason. Anxiety and anger come in flashes. Yesterday the day been dreading but knew eventually would come. Spaghetti is no longer. 😢 now what?!?! It was a fight. It was John they were sticky, trash, garbage and can not possibly eat it. Made it through it.

Then comes today. So make mac n cheese… well that was the wrong answer. This can not be boxed mac n cheese no way possible. It has to be homemade(it wasnt) because has no cheese?!?! Its just water and noodles.. everyone else’s was ok. He never wants it again in his life. Why isnt there better food in the house. Oh John how have you been. So I say ok dont eat.. I run bath water tell him. Well screaming ensues he was trying to eat so he cant bath mind you he wasnt eating…. get him in bath.. then like nothing eats his mac n cheese. He had to wait for the project until he was all done.

He came down did he project took his medicine as if nothing ever happened. Telling me how he cant wait for Christmas.

Sometimes his head makes mine spin, so I can imagine how he feels.

So it has not been a great 48 hours. But things got done non the less. It wasnt pretty, it wasnt gracefully, and it never will be perfect. But at the end of the night I am thankful my bathroom didnt flooded from the meltdown that ensued 2 mins prior. Because we have had days that we have had a monsoon go through.

So for today I am thankful for that. Do I wish I could change things so it was easier for him. Absolutely. I know I cant but I will continue to try. One day we will figure this thing called life out. But for today we will continue on. We will now search for what it is he is going to eat tomorrow.

Tomorrow will come just the same as today, what you make and take from the day is what is important, not what bad things that happen. You can always change your path to make your day different. You can always choose to go left instead of right. That’s what is neat about your life, you have the ability and choice to make it here you want it to be. Perfect, not perfect, dwell, continue on. The choice is always yours. So until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward