Laptops, projectors oh my…

We made it through the week.. one small step for most.. large leaps for us.

So today I get a text from Zeq as school is letting out and he says mom can you come up to the steps and help me. Oh lordy… so go to the steps.. arms full. Desk top.. so I grap it. He is smiling ear to ear. He says mom my bookbag is very heavy can you grab it. Sure. Holy smokes it weighs 100 pounds. He has a laptop and projector in it. Why oh why child…. but listen… he has non stopped talked about these computers.. about how he is going to show his sweetie pie and pap pap.

The one he brought home it is silver and it looks “cooler”.

These computers may not work.. may be older than dirt. But that doesnt matter to him. No one bit. These are coolest, best things ever. He may need a bigger room by the time school is out though. 🙂

You know when your at work and do a great job and someone sees it. You feel on top of the world?!?! Or when you do something and you feel like the hero?!?! Even just for the day. Well that is what these computers, cords, “junk” to many do for Zeq. They make him feel on top of the world. That alone is amazing to see.

Tonight the elf brought fuzzy ornaments. We had cookies and did his advent. It was just him and I tonight.

He talked about his treasures and was asking me questions about Santa. You know like does he ever wear colors other than red.. how old do you think he is?!?! I answered… well his favorite color is probably red.. but he may like blue too.. and I said he is probably older. He was happy with the answers and went about his coloring.

We had few visits from Johnny. As well as a good hour from shadow.. but nothing of epic proportions. So we can be thankful for that.

Things change with him so rapidly I am grateful when they slow a bit, even if it is because he is fixated on a projector.

Zeq has the ability to find comfort in these old computers. He sees their value(in his eyes) when others see junk. He is able to be Zeq, and not the other alters even if for 20 mins longer than the day before. They do that for him.

Tomorrow is a new day, a day we will tackle when it comes. We may have ups and downs, but no matter what at the end of the day it is just another day. A day to learn, a day to explore, a day to write another chapter in our book. Another day he is not living in a facility. Things could always be worse, as well as they can always get better.

What did you write today in your book? Hopefully it was a good chapter and hopefully you found a reason to smile.

As always

Onward and upward