Slap Jack

Tonight the elves brought a deck of Santa cards. We played a mean game of war, and I taught them how to play slap jack. Zeq really enjoyed these games. He got so excited when his card won in war, and thought was the neatest thing when he slapped the jack first. We did advent calanders and had pretzels and marshmallows.

While doing the game. Zeq out of the blue says mom we dont do math in math class. I said ok what do you do? He repeated his previous statement and I said well what do you do? He says sometimes plays cards or computer assuming they probably really do math with the different things. But it made me laugh.

This evening was better on him. He got home and had a Christmas card in the mail, from a dear friend. He was super excited. It was a pop up card which he thought was so neat. He displayed it by his games. As well as an ornament for our family. He said mom look all our names are on it.

He saw a fight in school, and they had a bomb treat. He said he saw the k-9 dogs, so that has been our topic of the day. As well as he has to wear pants tomorrow for sure. He has to because he is in a vocational class and they are doing soldering tomorrow. He says mom that can burn right through your skin. I said yep it can.

This evening, he kept saying mom the cats knocked over the gate.. I said huh? He said the cats broke it completely. I tell him it’s been broke since last night. He says mom they broke it today. Sidebar… he broke it last during meltdown. But he has no memory about it. He actually went through it to break it.

This evening was better in a sense but his personalities have been in and out very rapidly. Thus being said we had a new one this afternoon. Not a toddler but not a teenager.. somewhere in between I would say. Emotional to say the least. Afterschool before he turned his game on he was saying I want a plane.. talking to someone. Not his voice tone. Then said it again. Then began sobbing with tears and all saying he wanted a plane. 20 mins pass, was talking again and says to someone, ok,it’s ok, really it is swell. Swell?!?! We are adding words to our vocabulary tonight.

For this evening we are swell. Tonardo yesterday, swell today.. I’ll take it. The closer we get to Christmas if we can be swell, so be it. I am thankful for no tornado this evening and participating in cards(games are not his favorite)

We live we learn we conquer the day. We dont do it gracefully or even semi good. But we do it. We learn something new everyday. We find things to be grateful for. The kindness of a Christmas card made him feel special, completely different than last night him saying no one liked him.

We found a reason to smile today, did you? Did you write a page in your book? We did. We will do it again tomorrow.

Tomorrow will come sooner than we are ready, but either way it will come and we will welcome it. We will learn something from it and we will grow. Hopefully we will teach someone else.

Until then as we always do

Onward and upward