Shrink, snow, tea

Today there was no school. Zeq was excited to say the least. As the day went on it was snowing, the regular question was asked.. do you think there will be school tomorrow, well there should be. Then came it’s almost time for Christmas break right, we get two weeks off right? The normal.. the difference today is he doesnt understand fully why they didnt have school. I did try to explain. He looked at me and said if it isnt because of snow that means it doesnt count against us right. Because snow days mean have to go to school longer.

Johnny and Jeffrey paid a visit, Johnny more than once. The normal kitty kitty, mommy kitty. Easily redirected.

Forward to elf project. Tonight they brought us shrink art(pretty neat stuff) and we had homeade cookies along with the advent calander.

The difference tonight Zeq had to wait to do his until everyone was done. Took his medicine, one came back up and the world ended in a split second. It dried I told him to take it. Epic meltdown ensued. He wanted a new one(a lot easier said than done when it is a prescription medication) so tea flew and chairs flew. He went upstairs. Then the “you hate me” “lifes stupid” hitting himself ensued. Theres really no reasoning with him. You just have to batten down the hatches, and ride the wave out. Eventually the storm calmed, and he came down and did his shrink, advent, and had a cookie. He was upset he lost his game, but didnt scream anymore. He thought it was cool how the art shrank in the oven. He took his new treasures upstairs with him. He is tired, and sweaty.

He exhausts himself.

It goes to show you how life can change in a split second over the smallest of things. Then just like that go back to normal. This is our normal, it happens often. Sometimes they are easier, but on the flip side we have had way worse.

You always look for a positive out of all situations I am thankful it wasnt worse and didnt last all night.

Tomorrows a new day, with new obstacles that we will face as we cross them. Life not about how many times you fail trying to get past that obstacle, it is about that one time you get over it.

Tomorrow we start a fresh page in our book.

As always

Onward and upward

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