CSI’s for the night

Tonight on this episode of elf project. They brought us fingerprinting kits. This was a big hit. Zeq wanted to keep everyone’s dusting powder. For what reason I have no idea. We did our advent calanders. As well as our treat was triple chocolate cake slices. Zeq didnt not like the cake, have no idea why, chocolate cake is his favorite.

Tonight has been Jefferys night apparently. Loudly and dude, man, bruh a lot. I have had to remind him around a million times to lower his voice. To no avail. Speaking in ways that Zeq does not. The cats are “wild west” no idea what that means. Jeffery is definitely not a favorite in this house.

We deal with it as it comes though. I can only assume he doesnt like chocolate cake. Johnny visited while doing project for a few minutes.

There is no school tomorrow, but they didnt announce it at school so they have no idea. Zeq will be excited, but in same sense it makes it harder for the next day. So it is a win lose situation really. But we will tackle that tomorrow. We take the good with the not so good.

Everyday is a new day, one thing I know for sure is he doesnt have to wear pants, so it is already a win.

We are going to do our village tomorrow since we will have the day. We will get in even more Christmas spirit 🙂

Tomorrow we write a new page in our book, hopefully everyone of you are as well. Hopefully you are smiling and finding something to be thankful everyday. Tomorrow will come whether we are ready for it or not.

Until then as always

Onward and upward

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