Advents and treasure chest

Tonight brought their advent calanders. They got to open two since just starting today. Zeq was excited about the legos. First build was a jet and a lego mini figure. The elves brought treasure chests! Which overly excited Zeq!! He loves treasure chest. Inside was a block to find the treasure. He found king tut, and two stones. One was colored as candy corn. He was very excited. Our treat was gingerbread men.

Today was an average Sunday, mom what day is it… Sunday buddy…darn it. I dont want to go to school. This happened about every hour on the hour. Just like it always does. The in between was… how many days til christmas?!?! 23.. darn… that’s about how our conversations go these days. As well as do you think we will have a snow day this week?! Well not tomorrow atleast.

Henry came.. and needed tissues and throat was sore. He ask for medicine. I told him I would look at his throat. About 5 mins later asked to look at his throat he was like what, why?!?! Why do you need to look at my throat?!?! Well I guess I dont need to anymore. Darn you Henry. Jeffrey showed his presence, he is always a fun time, you know hey man, nah man, what’s up man.. nah man I dont need that medicine.. yep that’s good ole Jeffrey for you.. he didnt stay long, but long enough. As well as our favorite toddler. Johnny comes and goes the most often.

These personalities make me tired just trying to keep up with them. With what they like, want, need. I cant even imagine how tired they make him. Or how his brain keeps up with them. One minute himself, then the next not having a clue.

Everyday is a new day, a chance to learn something. A chance to be thankful for something. An opportunity to teach something. For me that’s what each day is about. If I can make his day just a little better than the day before I feel like I have accomplished something. Does that happen everyday absolutely not. But there will always be tomorrow to try again. It’s only when you stop trying that you fail. Zeq doesnt give up even though he has all these personalities, all these mountains to climb.. so how can we ever say that our day is too much?!?!

We will see what tomorrow brings. Tomorrow we will add another page to our book. Tomorrow we will be thankful for the little things.

As always

Onward and upward

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