Tonight the elves brought us some ornaments to color and chocolate covered snowmen was for our treat. Zeq ate the head off of his snowman.

Todays adventure was ofcourse pants, 4 failed attempts to tight, to long, not comfy.. and was told just go grab shorts. He wore pants, after school he says see this is why pants are not good, looking down at his feet, yep pants are over his shoes. Hes over pants, I’m over pants everyone is over pants. He changed into shorts and all was well again.

Johnny came here and there with kitty kitty kitty.. he came and went only staying 5-10 mins here and there. Our normal I’d say. Henry came for a few nose stuffy(it wasnt) sore throat and angry. Then moments after he left all was fine.

Zeq was happy it was Friday. We made it through the week. Not pretty but made it. Fridays is the one day a week that it isnt asked what day is today. His body and mind just know I believe. He did ask if Christmas was 2 weeks away.. I said a little further than that. We was not happy with my answer.

Today he brought home an empty speaker box, I ask what it was for. He said he is going to put some collectables in it. Ofcourse he is 🙂 we have more collectables in our home than a store. It makes him happy, whether it is a piece of paper, or a bottle of seaweed. One day he may decide he doesnt want it anymore, I could almost bet that never comes, but you never know it could happen.

Tomorrow is a new day.. there will be an obstacle aready.. his is eating the last piece of his pumpkin roll, this is no regular pumpkin roll. It is his pumpkin roll that sweetie pie makes him. He has been counting the slices everyday. We will figure out snack time when it comes. We tackle the obstacles as they come.

This weekend we will put up our village I told him today I will need his help. He said he would help do all the trees(his favorite.) He was really excited. Tomorrow is a new day, a new page in our book. Until then

As always

Onward and upward

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