Word searches…

Day 19 our elves brought to us.. word searches.. and we had holiday shaped pretzels. Zeq was overly happy about these word searches.

His day brought nicer personalities Johnny came a few this evening. Dinner wasnt a war zone. Tater tots and fries.. the old potatoes.. this morning didn’t start as smooth. Pants!!! Let me tell you they are overrated by far. Its funny with him because if you know him well you would know this kid rarely puts on a shirt what so ever. He is always “naked belly” as he would say. So you would think it would be a shirt fight everyday. But it is not. It is pants, todays pant dilemma was they went under his shoes. Uggh. Maybe I should have went to school to be a tailor… specialist in pants for autistic kids who hate pants.

But alas I did not go to school for that. Soon as we got home pants went as well. To each their own. I to an extent know how he feels I would much rather stay in shorts.

Either way we made it through the day, pants in all. He was able to do the project at the same time as everyone. He hummed a Christmas song one second, to the next telling me about flying into a helicopter (took me a min to realize it was a game) then went on to how kittens are baby cats, when they get big they are kitties.. but I laughed to myself I wonder when they become cats?

The brain of this kid really does amaze me most days. His personalities intrigue me. He in general humbles me. He has taught me more in his 14 years than I have learned in my 30+ years. We learn together as a family. He teaches me everyday, and maybe one day I will be able to teach someone else. I will be able to tell his story to someone who is in the same place who feels lost.

Everyday is a new day. Tomorrow will come whether we are ready for it. How we deal with each day makes us who we are.

Another day another adventure

As always

Onward and upward

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