Snow day

Snow day!!!! Yay!!! Or not…

All is usually well with snow days, no school.. well you would think anyways. Today was not that way.

Happy no school, Zeq was very happy. But soon after started the “will there be school tomorrow?” Yes there will. To is there for sure school tomorrow. As of right now yes there is. It over took his day.

It started out bad.. made him french toast.. not enough syrup even though it was swimming in it. Then the bread tasted like…well it tasted like bread?!?! I was unaware that was a bad thing, but apparently it was.

The day continued when is Christmas? I told him. He started crying because he wanted it sooner.. if only I could control time. But somewhere in his mind he believes I can. Unfortunately I can not.

Back to are you sure there school tomorrow.. yep still is. Then he decides since not Christmas yet he wants a new game.. ok he has money saved.. not quite enough.. but within a week he would have enough.. ok so he will wait. Then to I think I’ll just save my money. Ok buddy. To crying should I save my money?!?!?! I’m not sure, if want game we will get the game.. if not we can save.

At this point I know there is no end in sight.. just have to ride the wave out until the storm calms..

Cue elf project. Day 18 felt light up nativity scenes.. and doritos. Well not going how planned. He becomes highly agitated. I tell him go upstairs and when he calms, and other two are done we will work on his. Because I know it is only going to go downhill from here and sometimes you need a break. He goes upstairs and meltdown begins. 1/2 hour later calmer.

So comes down and works on project and asking about school as if the whole day didnt even happen.

The bright side of today, we made it through it. Definitely not graceful by any means. All three worked on their projects (not complete because glue has to dry). Zeq did not hurt himself or myself during meltdown. Personalities came and went without staying extended periods of time. At the end of the day… tomorrow is a new day. So always something to look forward too. Because no day is promised. All days get busy, nothing is as planned. But it’s what you do during that day to better situations that make the day worth something.

Tomorrow will be new adventure (there should be school) so we will do as we always do..

Onward and upward

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