Glowing beads

Night 17 of elves brought us glow n the dark sand bottles and a glow n dark beads, and whoopys cookies. Zeq picked the beads. It was an extra long string. So he decided after all the beads went on that he was gonna save it until he gets enough beads to fill it up. It will go in his treasure box until then.

Today he wore jeans, he didnt meltdown. But after school complained they were uncomfortable and rushed to put his usual basketball shorts back on. All was well again. Tomorrow is a two hour delay because of snow. They dont know it yet. Because for Zeq it would be well we wont be doing anything anyways so why cant we skip?!?!. That’s a battle we will tackle tomorrow. No point and flaring up anxiety that is not warranted or needed.

Shadowy figure showed up for a little while. Calling out the same signals, talking to the same team as usual. No varying in his commands per the usual. He stayed about 45 mins. He never bothers anyone, Zeq comes back and the afternoon continues. He hasnt been around for a couple weeks. No personalities are ever wanted when they appear but this guy is the easiest and calmest to come. I cant say that I like him. But I dont mind him. I would take him before any of the rest.

Zeqs food is growing slimmer and awkward. He is now onto to eating just bowls of mashed potatoes nothing else with it. As well as plates of tater tots/french fries. Must be potato time of year. We are back to the ever revolving pop tarts. How long will they last this time??!! Who knows. Not me anyways. It’s a guessing game at dinner or breakfast time. Kinda like walking across a mine field. You give him food gingerly in hopes the house doesnt blow up.

Getting closer to Christmas time, everyday ask the same question, what day is it?!?! Followed by I cant wait til Christmas. His favorite holiday. It has always been that way since he was little. The lights, the tree, decorations all of it. When he sees them he lights up. When driving at dark, from the back seat you always hear Christmas lights Christmas lights. Did you see them?!?! Yes I did 🙂

This time of year truly in a sense makes his heart happy, even though on the flip side makes his brain go in 7000 different directions. But it is the small joy you can see on his face when he sees those lights, or even when he gets to pick a tree out for the village. Those joys are what makes all this worth it. All the obstacles he may face in a days time, this time of year he gets joy out of the little things.

The slowing down, to take 20 mins to pick the perfect tree for the village. To be humbled to be able to feel so special to buy that .98 tree.

He humbles me, I too love the lights, tree, and villages. Building our village here at home is something me and him do. Everyone picks a piece and enjoys it. But he takes the time to hang out with me and place each piece in the perfect place, and give off the wall ideas for it. Its something I look forward to every year, and I think somewhere deep down he does too. We will be doing it soon. 🙂

Tomorrow is another page in our journey.

As always

Onward and upward

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