Cat stocking and shortbread

Tonight the eleven brought little stockings for each kid to make for their kitten. As some shortbread cookies. Zeq really liked the cookies. So win win for us.

Today was back to school. We had to have whole conversations about jogging pants. They are pajamas not school clothes. So now we will be the search for some pants that are short, but not pajamas. Should be fun.. tomorrow will most likely bring the jeans out. Wish us luck. Not looking forward to that. But also may not happen. I have already had conversations with the school. That if he decides to wear shorts in a blizzard. They are all aware of the situation. So we shall see.

His behavior chart was good for today so another win, no matter how big it is, it is huge to us.

He is counting down days to Christmas break already. Which in turn will result in heightened anxiety. John came this afternoon, something about his room is not to John’s liking. I am not sure what it is, and Zeq when it is all said and done has no idea what just happened.

During elf project tonight Johnny made an appearance.. brief and didnt last long. But he was overly happy about the dog, then when given a cookie he had to make sure he smelled it. Then it was back to Zeq who was annoyed the dog had his head on his leg. Hey you win some you lose some. Take the good with the bad.

We made it through the first day back, so that is all that matters. Tomorrow may be different. But we will see when the time comes. No matter what happens at the end of the day we can reflect on something good that happened. For today we are thankful that there was no huge meltdown. We are thankful that the personalities only stayed for a brief time.

Take time to slow down, enjoy the little things life projects, or Christmas talk. Enjoy the minutes or hours you have. Because we all get caught up being busy that we miss all the small things that atleast at our house are huge things.

Tomorrow we will tackle tomorrow..

As for today as always…

Onward and upward

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