Letters to santa..

Day 15 of elves they brought us a mail box and letters to fill out. Pretzels and marshmallows were the treat.

While writing Santa Zeq said mom you think Santa will know what I want if I forget to write it down. I tell him yes because Santa sees all. He was glad about that incase he forgot anything.

To tell you how quickly things change in our home. After I wrote the blog last night. Zeq leaves and John comes. He is obsessed with cleaning and finding old phones in his room. Coming down stairs every 2 mins worried about phones, cords, tablets. Where they are. So he begins deep cleaning his room. Why?!?! No idea. But he changes out boxes, and moves this and that. Still coming down stairs randomly. Randomly talking and talking fast about things unknown.

I remind him it is late, but to no avail… he continues on.. a hour or so passes and he is still obsessively cleaning. Loudly at that. He says yes!!!! I found it.. I have no idea what he found. Nor does he even remember it today.

So today he room looks like a tornado has hit multiple times. He doesnt know why it is like that. Apparently that’s where John wanted it.

On one visit down the stairs in the kitchen(that was his path each time) we ask him what his name was. He never answered continued on his journey. Later we hear Zeq.. his normal tone and all. He comes down the stairs we ask him his name. Looks at us as if were are dumb and says Zeq why?!?! Then goes about his day.

Nothing triggered this event nor does it ever it just comes and goes. But it changes with no rhythm or reason. Sometimes it last minutes and other times like this one hours. John was on a mission and until it was done there was no stopping. After he left Zeq was tired and fell asleep.

Today he was up and down he was quiet a lot. He became overly anxious, because I had to go to the hospital. He doesnt understand that I was ok. Because to him hospitals are scary places. I reassured him quite a few times that all is ok. It has settled for now.

Tomorrow is back to school so should be interesting to say the least. He knows it is tomorrow, but it doesnt change anything for him. We will deal with what tomorrow brings, tomorrow.

It may be good, may be horrible. Only tomorrow will tell. Until then

As we always do..

Onward and upward

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