Even when you dont feel well the show must go on. Things may just be a little slower.

Tonight the elves brought us snow to grow. Zeq ofcourse wanted to keep his for his collection and…… he put it in his fridge so it stays cool. The logic of this kid I tell you. Treat was popcorn and Hershey bells. Zeq had a piece of pumpkin roll. He enjoys the projects like this.

He was in a rare form today. His mood went from not talking at all. To arguing over every little thing. To one point even turning off his game system. Which I can promise you never ever happens, unless it is bed time.

Johnny was to visit quite a few times today.

He got a few sets of minutes which in turn made him or John extremely mad. So it turned into more yelling. But at end of it not even remembering what got him the minutes to start with.

This is normal at our home. Most times he doesnt even remember so then when the personalities leave he is very confused and sad to what’s going on. But we go on.

You see for Zeq he doesnt understand when you are sick or cant move. He doesnt understand what’s happening. So at the end of the day we have to continue on no matter what because he lives this life. There can not be any interruptions. It will throw him completely off and it wont be pretty to say the least. Giving up isnt an option in our home. If we give up he would spiral downward and we would lose all the progress we have made in the past 14 years.

Life will move forward, we will move forward. We will make each day the best we can under all circumstances.

Tomorrow is a new day and something new to look forward too.

As always

Onward and upward