We did this thing..

Welp we did it…. Zeq got a haircut!!! Win for us!!

Day 11 elves brought us pirate treasure in blocks to dig out!! Always a good one. Treat was snowballs (cheeseballs) Zeq did not attempt the cheeseballs. One night we will find something that he eats. Maybe. Maybe not. But we will keep trying. Listened to some Christmas songs as well.

Everyone is always excited to do these. We are excited to do them as well. They are just as much fun for us as they are for them.

Today wasnt as quiet. Jeffrey came.. he likes to listen to his music loud and the same song over and over. When ask to turn it down, his reply ok man.. I got you.. uggh Jeffrey you are not my favorite that’s for sure. He is fairly harmless. Johnny came off and on the kitty kitty kitty as he calls angel is now the mommy kitty. No idea why, but hey we roll with it. He was withdrawn some, but not as much as yesterday.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.. we have a lot of things to be thankful for. Everyday we are thankful for things. Today we are thankful for haircuts, and no epic meltdowns. Some people think of Thanksgiving is the where you declare your thanks.. we do that everyday. Because everyday to us is a victory in it’s own. Everyday is not promised. Everyday is a new day. For Zeq each day brings its own new challenges, the ups, downs, the fight. Each personality brings it’s on set of problems. We deal with those as they come.

Find something everyday to be thankful for. Find something to smile about. Be thankful for the smallest of things.

Tomorrow is a new day, enjoy your families, eat your delicious dinner and just be thankful. 🙂

As always

Onward and upward

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