Day 10 the elves brought us foam snowmen ornaments. Sweet treat was Danish cookies, and chocolates. Along with the growing popularity of Christmas songs. Zeq was not interested in chocolates or the Danish cookies. The unknowing of the assorted chocolates did him in I believe.

Many personalities came out while doing the elf project this evening. John with is OCD and these chocolates. As well as Johnny who kept being distracted by cat and dog. Angel did not want a bear hug, but Johnny thought she did.

He was redirected and continued on with his ornament announcing every piece as he placed it on.

Nope no haircut. He will just have long hair I have decided. Or dreads one of the two. No cookies either at the store. We are batting 500 today. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day.

He was very quiet today, every so often hearing him talk on his game. He had spaghetti this evening for dinner and he wasnt overly excited as usual 😦 never a good sign. Spaghetti has never left so if it does we may be doomed or starved one of the two. But he ate it in non the less without argument but also he didnt ask for seconds or thirds per the usual. So we will see, we will weather the storm as it comes.

Whether it is food, hair, or withdrawn it is always a feat. We overcome it by continuing on. We cant stop our day, because then it stops the week. We cant stop the week because then something new becomes routine. We have a stable routine for this week, so we will continue on. We dont continue on gracefully, but the way it has to be. You see our life is not graceful in any form. Our life is lived. Lived well?! Well it is lived the best way we know how.

There are curveballs, strikeouts, and lots of bumpy roads. But would life be very boring if we didnt have any of that?!?! Maybe?! Either way it is the life Zeq knows, it is what he lives every day whether he says a word about it or whether he even understands it. His craziness is his life. So we recognize it, we do what we can to support it the way he needs us too. But just because I cant see his pain physically I see his pain in his eyes emotionally. When he looks at you searching for why he is so sad, angry for reasons he doesnt even know. That’s what we will always do. We will support, we will learn from him, we will be his voice!

Tomorrow is another day..

As always

Onward and upward

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